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The handy feature in new Gmail Interface

Go G o o g l e , save your time & make your life easier…. In the previous gmail interface it was only in recipient’s bar, which gave the opportunity to roll in the names when you type the first letter of a recipient’s name. You may have noticed in Facebook, the usage of “@” sign to pick the names, one would wish to put in a comment or in a status, so just like that google has introduced this feature mainly to help the businesses out there. In the email body itself you can get the names in less than 5 seconds by using “@” sign and then typing first one or two letters of the name you wish to mention. It will display like a link. And at the same time it will grab the name & put in the recipient’s bar, which you mentioned in the email body. This feature saves time. Like in old days you don’t have to go finding the name or the email address or type whole lot of names you want to mention in the email, but remembering a part of the name will help you to proceed quickl

Introduction to Google Data Studio

Learn how to create beautiful reports using the new Google Data Studio. Data Studio makes it easy to connect to your data, visualize that data, and share and collaborate with colleagues and customers.                                          

Google Hangouts - Technics for Friday by Finetech

People are drifted away from old communication trends to new, easy & user friendly communication platforms. The latest wrinkle among everyone is Google Hangouts. It was launched in 2013. According to figures hangout is within the top 20 communication softwares. Hangout consist of hangout chat & hangout meet. Hangout allows to communicate between two or more people. It is possible to collaborate with several groups as well. You can share pictures while chatting & emojis can be used to express your emotion in a very fascinating way. Google later introduced Google Meet which facilitates for video conferencing meetings, this is actually business amiable, because it’s a cost effective collaboration platform, can interact with co-workers & also with customers. Google meet is fully integrated with G Suite. You can join the video conferencing on the go by dialing. Though google hangout allows for maximum of 10 people, google meet in G Suite Basic, Business & Educat

5 Reasons Google Data Studio is Amazing

1. Multiple Data Sources At first glance, we thought Data Studio was a nice alternative to the standard dashboard in Google Analytics. While it can pull in data from Google Analytics, the ability to customize and arrange the data takes it to a whole other level. What’s more, Data Studio allows you to pull multiple data sources into one place (not just Google Analytics). Some of the data sources that you can bring into Google Data Studio are: Google AdWords Google Analytics Search Console YouTube Analytics SQL And More Data Studio also has many 3rd party “Connectors” that are available to connect with and pull data from. Some of the Connectors are: Amazon Seller Stripe AdStage Facebook Ads and Insights DoubleClick eBay Twitter And More Overall there is massive value in being able to view multiple data sources in one place. 2. Data Studio is Customizable Now that you have all of your data, it’s time to customize it. Yes! Data Studio gives you the ability to p

Manage your communities with G+

Google plus known as G+ is a social network & is a subsidiary of Google which was launched in 2011, was developed by Vic Gundotra & Bradley Horowitz. In simple words this just like facebook, this has a multilingual platform. Where you can update status, put a profile picture, edit, tag, upload photos to cloud based albums. Basically you can socialize just like in facebook. It gives the option of linking all your other Internet based profiles to G+, so then you can manage all the accounts very easily. When G+ approached the market facebook accepted it as a threat & they started to work on facebook to align features just as in G+ Within two weeks of launch G+ was able to catch the hearts of 10 million users & 25 million users in a month. By end of the year it was increased to 90 million and by 2013 statistics were 540 million active users. Google plus went under a redesign in later 2015. 28% of G+ plus users are in the ages of 15 to 34. USA alone comp

What is Google Data Studio ?

What is Google Data Studio?  For those of you who don't definitely know, Google Data Studio is a dashboard and revealing apparatus that is anything but difficult to utilize, tweak, and offer. It enables you to change your information into engaging and instructive reports for your group of onlookers. It's an extraordinary apparatus to track KPIs that help business destinations and produce intermittent reports. At this moment, Data Studio beta is offered for nothing to Google account clients and Google Cloud Platform clients.  Information Studio resembles Google Analytics dashboards on steroids. With Google Analytics dashboards, you are constrained to 12 gadgets for every dashboard and can just associate with the information in the specific view the dashboard is in.  When utilizing Data Studio:  You are not constrained to only 12 gadgets. You can include the same number of report pages as you might want.  You can associate reports with different Google Analytics reco