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Save time with new scheduling features in Calendar

Save time with this new update. It allows you to schedule meetings easily. Peek at calendars and automatically add guests - when you add a calendar in “search for people” box on the left hand side panel you can temporarily view coworkers’ calendars. Also at the same time those coworkers will be added automatically when creating an event. More fields in the creation pop-up dialog - The Guests, Rooms, Location, Conferencing, and Description fields are currently editable  in the meeting creation popup dialog. When you include your colleagues' calendar, they'll load right in the background, making it much simpler and quicker to locate an accessible time for everybody.  Follow us on - Our Website - Our Facebook page - Our LinkedIn page - Talk to our experts - 071 0326326

Schedule your emails - Write now send later

Write your email now and send later. This works well when you want to schedule or plan your work ahead. There is no new icon for this but you can find it by clicking the small arrow which is connected to “send” button. This is available for Android, iOS & Gmail on the web. You can give appropriate date & a time. This actually gives you control & let you manage your work. All the scheduled mails will be in a folder called “scheduled” on the left hand side panel. Follow us on - Our Website - Our Facebook page - Our LinkedIn page - Talk to our experts - 071 0326326

New Drive file suggestions in Chrome launching in beta

This is a feature where it allows users to access their drive files quickly. It allows you to browse by owner or type. Previously they could only search for a title or URL of a webpage. This behaves just like searching in drive. Docs, Sheets, Slides, PDF & other files types will be available during the search. The search is not limited to “Mydrive” it’ll show results from “Shared with me” as well.This new update will be available to users signed into a Chrome account on any OS: Chromebook, Mac, Windows, etc. Follow us on - Our Website - Our Facebook page - Our LinkedIn page - Talk to our experts - 071 0326326

Admin Insider: top questions (and answers) on data security in G Suite

G Suite helps take the complication out of data security by giving IT admins simple, streamlined ways to manage their users, control devices and stay compliant. After all, security tools are only useful if you deploy them. We meet with customers frequently and hear many of the same concerns when it comes to data security. In the spirit of  RSA  this week, we want to provide answers and best practices based on these top questions so you can continue to keep your organization’s data secure. Question 1: What configurations should I use to best protect my data? While your organization should have a specific set of security policies, here are a few pointers to help you strengthen them. First,  basic device management . It’s automatically enabled for your mobile devices that access G Suite as soon as someone adds their G Suite account. This means that admins can use basic security controls, like password enforcement and account wipe, to cover employee devices without needing