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Send emails as attachments in Gmail

Why do you download & attach your emails when you can drag and drop on the go? This marvellous feature lets you attach another email by simply performing a drag and drop. You can attach any no of emails and when attached it becomes a .eml file. Another way you could attach an email by clicking on the 3 dots in an opened email. Under that “Forward as attachment” will be there. Click on it so it will get attached to a new mail. There are situations where attaching emails makes more sense than forwarding separate emails, like wanting to forward multiple messages related to a single topic. With this new functionality, you can do exactly that. Sending emails as attachments allows you to write a summary email message to your recipients, and attach the set of supporting emails that recipients can directly open in their mail client.  This feature will be on by default

Propose a new meeting time or add a note to Calendar invites from Gmail

This options enables you to propose a new time while being in your gmail. When you receive an invite through Google calendar, you can simply check the given time and if you are have scheduled some other work, you can propose a new time by clicking on “More options” -> “Propose a new time”. At the same time you can even add a note where you could explain why you can’t attend the event with reasons.  This feature will be on by default. Follow us on - Our Website - Our Facebook Page -  Our LinkedIn Page - Our Twitter Page - Talk to our experts - 071 0326326

Help your team get more out of G Suite with four new resources

Four new ways to learn how to use G-Suite & to face the newest technologies. The G Suite Welcome Center: The Welcome Center offers resources and a roadmap for users to get to know G Suite. This Center contains details on the Learning Center, help guides for each app, switching guides, our new Sheets Coursera course, and more. The Hangouts Meet Starter Kit: The Kit helps drive change and encourage staff to migrate to Hangouts Meet. It includes: Customizable email templates that admins can send to users about how to use Meet. Tip sheets with adoption best practices, change management resources, and IT Admin Q&A to help manage the transition. Printable posters and meeting room cards to drive Meet awareness and show your team how to use it. G Suite for Power Users: This page contains resources specifically curated for advanced users so they can get even more out of G Suite. G Suite Hack for power users: This training has five challenge tasks em

How mapping for rides and deliveries use cases is a different world: Beyond the Map

When companies use Google Maps Platform for very specific use cases, we sometimes need to refine our maps data, add new types of info, or combine a variety of different data points to come up with new ways of solving their challenges. In this installment of Beyond the Map, we asked the author of  our last post , Eli Danziger, for a better understanding of how mapping for rides and deliveries use cases is different than general mapping.  What is it about the experience of calling a car or having food delivered that makes the type of information we need to deliver to customers, different than the info we have in the consumer Google Maps app?  A couple things. First, these experiences often come at critical times in people’s lives–some might call them micro-moments–when the stakes are high to deliver a great product experience. When you’re rushing to get to the airport on time, getting matched to a nearby driver and seeing real-time ETA can mean the difference between making or m

5 best practices for Compute Engine Cost Optimization

When customers migrate to  Google Cloud Platform  (GCP), their first step is often to adopt  Compute Engine , which makes it easy to procure and set up virtual machines (VMs) in the cloud that provide large amounts of computing power. Launched in 2012, Compute Engine offers  multiple machine types , many  innovative features , and is available in 20 regions and 61 zones!  Compute Engine’s predefined and custom machine types make it easy to choose VMs closest to your on-premises infrastructure, accelerating the workload migration process cost effectively. Cloud allows you the pricing advantage of ‘pay as you go’ and also provides significant savings as you use more compute with  Sustained Use Discounts .  As  Technical Account Managers , we work with large enterprise customers to analyze their monthly spend and recommend optimization opportunities. In this blog, we will share the top recommendations that we’ve developed based on our collective experience working with GCP custom

Use the Google Assistant with your G Suite account in beta

Google Assistant has some new features for our customers. These will be available when you log in with a G-Suite account. Google Assistant will respond to certain Google Calendar & Gmail functions and also, Let you know when your next meeting is Create, cancel or reschedule a Calendar event Send a note to event attendees via email Send an email Dial into a meeting Why do you use it? It helps you to manage your work, schedule events in your hectic life. How it works? To utilize this feature in the Google Assistant, you should be signed in to your G Suite account. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have both an individual and a G Suite account, kindly note that the Assistant can just respond to one account at a time. You should switch between those accounts if you wish to pose an inquiry about your other account. These features will be off by default.

Smart Compose for Google Docs launching in beta

Now you can experience Smart Compose in Google Docs, can be called as a major update since this will make a huge impact on our lives because it saves time. Not only time saving but also helps to omit repetitive writing, reduce spelling & grammar errors. No need to think of next proper word. It gives you correct phrases.  How to use? As you type it will give smart suggestions, all you have to do is press “tab” to accept it.  This will be available once the domain is whitelisted into the beta you can start using this. You can off the feature by going to “Tools” & then under “Preferences”, “Show Smart Compose Suggestions”.  This is available for all G-Suite editions but not available for personal Google accounts.