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Web Scraping with Google Cloud Platform

As more and more businesses post content, pricing, and other information on their websites, information is more important than ever in today’s digital age.  Web scraping—also commonly referred to as web harvesting or web extracting—is the act of extracting information from websites all around the internet, and it’s becoming so common that some companies have separate terms and conditions for automated data collection. There are multiple approaches to web-scraping , which range from humans manually accessing a website with the intent of copying information, to automatic scraping through the use of web-scrapers. Web-scrapers are programs written with the goal to programmatically access websites and collect information in an automated fashion. An approach that is sometimes used by web-scrapers is loading websites and saving their page sources (raw HTML). After saving the page sources, other programs can attempt to extract information such as names, phone numbers, addresses, e

Advantages of choosing Google Cloud Platform

Cloud adoption is taking over multiple regions and industries. Companies figured out that after adopting cloud computing, they become more agile in the competitive marketplace. Businesses now don’t have to spend time and money maintaining and buying their own servers, rather, they can use the off-the-shelf professional infrastructure given by cloud service providers. How to choose the right cloud platform?  Technical and business requirements must be the main factors determining your choice. Think about the features, application integration, and budget you may need for a cloud solution. Your decision should be based on the opportunities the cloud provider offers to reach your business goal. Many experts recommend that enterprises evaluate their public cloud needs on a case-by-case basis and match specific applications and workloads with the vendor that offers the best fit for their needs. Each of the leading vendors has particular strengths and weaknesses that make them a good

Enhance your cloud storage security and data protection

Most entrepreneurs around the world are adopting cloud storage due to its scalability, accessibility, and less IT overhead, making it cheaper.As cloud storage grows more popular, cloud storage security has become an urgent topic. It's a topic that businesses realize can prove challenging. Creating a set of best practices that ensures data security presents a broad array of issues and risks.That’s because cloud storage revolves around anywhere, anytime access to data and encompasses a broader set of users, applications and data sources. Even if a cloud isn’t breached, it’s possible for hackers to break into individual accounts on Google Drive, Dropbox, Box, Microsoft OneDrive and other cloud storage providers. Cloud-based storage is convenient these days for many businesses to adopt. After all, these cloud storage vendors offer unmatched operational agility, velocity, efficiency, flexibility and productivity in their services. However, just like with any other technologies out the

Edit Calendar events directly from Gmail and Docs

Launch summary You would now be able to alter Google Calendar occasions in the fast access side panel in Gmail and Docs, without setting off to the full Calendar page in your program. You can even utilize " Find a Time " to see others' schedule accessibility when booking occasions. End users :There is no closure client setting for this component. Available to all G Suite customers.

New comment interface for Google Docs, Sheets and slides on Android

What’s new? We're updating the UI for remarks and things to do in the Google Docs, Sheets, and Slides applications for Android. A portion of the progressions you may see include: Larger, clearer interface to make it easier to see comments and their context in a document.  Shortcuts and gestures to help you quickly scroll through and respond to multiple comments.  Quick access button to reply, “@” mention someone, and assign action items.  Why it is important? Remarking is a ground-breaking approach to work together on reports while remote. Remarks can assist you with posing inquiries, report conversations, ensure different clients see something, allocate things to do, and that's only the tip of the iceberg. They're especially valuable when working remotely, empowering different clients to be a piece of conversations at whatever point and any place it's helpful for them. Getting started  Admins: There is no admin control for this feature. End us

Use NFC and USB security keys natively on iOS devices

What’s changing  We're making it simpler to utilize security keys with your Google Account on iOS gadgets. In particular, we're empowering local help for the W3C WebAuthn usage on Apple gadgets running iOS 13.3 or more. This implies you can utilize a USB or NFC security key straightforwardly on an iOS gadget, without introducing the Google Smart Lock app .  Learn more about how you can use security keys on Apple devices on our Security blog . Who's affected  End clients  Why it's significant  Security keys give the most grounded type of 2-Step Verification (otherwise called two-factor confirmation or 2FA) to help ensure your record against phishing, particularly when utilized as a major aspect of the Advanced Protection Program for the endeavor. With this dispatch you can now:  Tap a Titan Security Key (all of which have worked in NFC) on the rear of your iPhone.  Utilize any USB security key legitimately on an iOS gadget that has a USB po

Google cloud run combines serverless and containers together

Serverless and containers are the two biggest two trends in application development in recent years. Google then combined them both and announced a new product called cloud run, in the meantime Cloud run is also specifically designed for Google kubernetes engine to run on google’s version of kubernetes. Cloud Run comes across as a clusterless and serverless container execution environment. After the launch of Cloud Run some participants even compared it with AWS Fargate and Azure Container Instances but still google cloud run takes a different approach than the other serverless container providers.  Cloud Run  Cloud run takes docker containers and instantly gives a URL , which is completely unique in the industry. Google Cloud Run takes care of everything from the top end of SSL provisioning and routing, all the way down to actually running the container and you only pay by the hundred milliseconds of what you use and also highly end - to - end managed. This applies for GKE t

Storing and analyzing your data on Google Cloud

Google Provides the same infrastructure that provides the robust data ,rapid access, reliability and scalability that it uses to serve search results , index the web, run Gmail to all users to run all their own applications. Google Cloud Storage is a service for storing and accessing data in Google’s cloud. Google Cloud Storage  Google Cloud Storage offers direct access to Google's adoptable storage and networking, just as incredible authentication and data sharing components. Google lets you store records of any size and manage access to your information on an individual or group premise. Information stored in Google Cloud Storage can be assigned as public or private. Open information can be shared to anybody, empowering you to utilize Google Cloud Storage as a conductor to make chosen portions of your information accessible outside your organization. Google Cloud Storage empowers developers to store their data in Google's cloud. Google Cloud Storage is obviously fi

New quick settings help you optimize your Gmail layout

This can be called as an interactive and a quick method to toggle around settings. A comfy view where you can find different themes, layouts and other settings. This actually gives a new look to old settings. Once you click on settings, you will now see various interfaces, different kinds of inboxes and display options among your actual inbox. The inbox will be updated immediately when an option is chosen so you can compare choices and see how the settings work in real time. The total settings menu is still accessible by clicking at the top of the new Quick Settings menu on the "See all settings" button. What’s really included? Customizing the density of text and information displayed  Choosing a different inbox type to help intelligently prioritize and organize emails Adding reading panes to quickly see email contents Applying themes to personalize the look and feel of your inbox Applying themes to personalize the look and feel of your inbox  This new

How to hide or show Google Meet in Gmail

With the rise of the new feature of Google Meet in Gmail, all the users around wanted another tool which goes in par with the same. Importance of this is, you can decide whether you want to show it or whether you want to hide it. However the admins also can disable video calling in the admin console as well. This is available for all G-Suite users.