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New Navigation bar functions in Google Drive

  From the URL bar in Google Drive, you can now quickly access key pages and functions When navigating into the Google Drive web application from the URL bar by hitting the "Tab" key, you can access buttons like "Skip to main content", "Keyboard shortcuts", and "Accessibility feedback"from the bar at the top of the page.  Rapid and Scheduled Release domains: Gradual rollout (up to 15 days for feature visibility) starting on January 27, 2022  Available to all Google Workspace customers, as well as G Suite Basic and Business customers  Google Workspace Updates

From “hidden secret” to open secret: The year ahead for AppSheet

  At Google Cloud NEXT last year, Thomas Kurian referred to AppSheet as  Google Cloud's hidden secret —a platform that enables everyone, from developers to marketers to frontline workers, to create powerful applications and automations without writing a single line of code. Now, as we move into 2022, the secret is out.  In 2021, we saw more people using AppSheet than ever before, and we’re in awe of the creativity we’ve seen from this community in the sheer variety of apps created. That community ranges from American Electric Power field workers  using custom apps to streamline energy and utility work , to non-profit New Incentives using no-code to  help increase immunization rates, to the  informative  discussion  that was generated around the no-code fitness app (you can  build it yourself in five steps ). We love watching it all grow.   Supporting our vibrant community  Our most important commitment is to each and every member of our growing AppSheet community. Below are a few a

Expanding support for early-stage startups on Google Cloud

Startups are uniquely adept at solving difficult challenges, and Google is committed to partnering with these organizations and delivering technology to help them do so as they start, build, and grow. Over the past year, we’ve deepened our focus on helping startups scale and thrive in the cloud, including launching new resources and mentorship programs, hosting our first-ever Google Cloud Startup Summit, growing our team of startup experts, and more. With the new year in full swing, I’m excited to roll out several new offerings and updates designed to support startups even more effectively. First, we will align Google Cloud’s startup program with  Google for Startups  to ensure startup customers enjoy a consistent experience across all of Google—including Google Cloud infrastructure and services—and to provide founders access to Google mentors, products, programs, and best practices. Going forward, our program will be the Google for Startups Cloud Program. Next, we’ll deepen our commit

Zoom’s Work Transformation Summit on Jan. 19: Fresh Approaches for Moving Forward

These past two years have undoubtedly reshaped work. More specifically, these past two years — shuffling between remote, in-person, and hybrid work scenarios — reshaped what employees expect out of their jobs, how they want to work, and what the office means to them.  Organizations are challenged with making big decisions to meet those expectations, and those decisions will dramatically alter how they hire, manage their facilities, buy technology, and maintain productivity. Simply adjusting policies and retooling previous work models won’t do. It takes a comprehensive reimagining. To help organizations navigate this next phase of work, Zoom is hosting our  Work Transformation Summit  on Jan. 19, a free, half-day virtual event designed to provide you and your organization with meaningful strategies, creative approaches, and innovative solutions for redefining work.  Summit attendees will have the opportunity to hear from peers and industry experts on the importance of embracing technolo

A new way to explore what’s possible with Google Maps Platform

  For more than 15 years, developers have used Google Maps Platform to deliver location-based experiences to their end users and used location intelligence to optimize their businesses. Along this journey, we’ve made a variety of changes to better support our community as needs have changed and new industries and technologies have emerged. We started rolling out a new website experience, at , to help you better understand the products and solutions best suited to address your objectives. Plus, now you can directly connect to the developer documentation for each product to get started quickly, and you can visualize usage and associated costs to have a better idea of what to expect before getting started.  Getting to your solution faster  Maps, Routes, Places are building blocks that let you develop implementations for any use case. Building for specific use cases, however, typically requires using a combination of APIs and SDKs. To help you quickly under

Live translated captions in Google Meet are now generally available

What’s changing  In 2021, we announced a beta for live translated captions in Google Meet. We’re now making live translated captions generally available for select Google Workspace editions.  Meeting participants can translate English meetings to:  French  German  Portuguese  Spanish  Translated captions are available on Google Meet on web and mobile devices.  Who’s impacted  End users  Why it’s important  Translated captions help make Google Meet video calls more inclusive and collaborative by removing language proficiency barriers. When meeting participants consume content in their preferred language, this helps equalize information sharing, learning, and collaboration and ensures your meetings are as effective as possible for everyone. This feature can be particularly helpful for all-hands meetings or training meetings with globally distributed teams. Additionally, translated captions can be impactful in education settings, allowing educators to connect and interact with students, p

Is it Time to Return to Online Education? Features Specifically Created for Your Online Classroom

  Does the ever-changing COVID-19 scenario have you reconsidering a return to in-person learning as you and your students prepare to begin the spring semester? Maybe you're considering a hybrid strategy or providing online choices. If that's the case, you're not alone: numerous colleges and institutions have declared that they would begin the academic year online. When students or instructors are unable to attend in person for a variety of reasons, such as COVID-related quarantines or inclement weather, virtual learning will almost certainly remain a component of the plan. We understand that returning to remote learning may feel like a step back for educators, administrators, and students who want to be together on campus. However, we at Zoom have been paying close attention to the education sector and have added a number of new features in the last year to make the shift to remote learning easier and more enjoyable. Continue reading to learn how to implement these Zoom cap

Quick access to restore recently deleted users from Admin console homepage

  Customers with less than 100 active users will now be able to notice when people in their organization have been recently removed on the "Users" card in the Admin panel. You may see a list of the recently deleted users and how many days remain till their data is permanently destroyed if you click on the number displayed. Admins previously had to filter for recently deleted users on the User List page to see if any users were available for restoration; this upgrade makes this vital information more accessible to customers who typically use the Admin panel for user management. Additionally, admins may now check for recently deleted users by selecting "Recently deleted users" from the "More" option on the User List page for all customers. We hope that these changes make it simpler for Admins to keep track of their recently removed users and take appropriate action, such as reinstating users' accounts or transferring data to another account, if necessary