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Cloud Security Command Center is now in beta and ready to use

Security hero
If you’re building applications or deploying infrastructure in the cloud, you need a central place to help understand your security posture, put it in a business context, and act on changes. In March, we announcedCloud Security Command Center in alpha, becoming the first major cloud provider to offer organization-level visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, and threats. Starting today, this security service is available to Google Cloud Platform (GCP) customers in beta.
This beta release comes with a number of new features, including: Expanded coverage across GCP services including Cloud Datastore, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud Spanner, Container Registry, Kubernetes Engine, and Virtual Private Cloud13 IAM roles added for fine grained access control across Cloud SCCNew examples of how to generate notifications when changes occur, or to trigger Cloud Functions from a Cloud SCC queryAbility to view and search for new, deleted, and total assets over a specified time …
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Increase the number of participants in Hangout Meet Meetings

In a previous article we spoke about Google Hangouts and its’ benefits. Today there is a good news for Google users. Now you can stretch your hangout meetings by increasing the number of participants. In G-Suite Enterprise 100 participants can be accommodated while G-Suite Business goes up to 50 participants.

This could include users from inside & outside of your organization. Also you can bring up any blend of video and dial in entry points, which helps you to expand more.
Take into account that your hangouts meetings can be even widened by enabling live streaming in Enterprise level, where you can go even up to 100,000 viewers at once.

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8 common reasons why Enterprises Migrate to the Cloud

1. Data center contract renewals
Numerous companies have contracts with private server farms that should be occasionally reestablished. When you get to renegotiation time for these agreements, contemplations like cost modifications or other constraining elements regularly come up. Thus, it's amid these agreement reestablishment periods that numerous organizations start to think about moving to the cloud.
2. Increased capacity requirements
Regardless of whether it's the ordinary movement of a developing business or the need to suit tremendous space bounces amid regular moves, your enterprise can profit by having the capacity to quickly increase or decrease compute. Rather than paying the most extreme for on-prem limit, you can move your ability on-request with cloud and pay as you go.
3. Acquisitions
At the point when organizations combine, it's a challenge to match up to coordinate application scenes and information—and doing this over different on-prem server farms can be al…

Activity Dashboard is one click away in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings

Now it's easier to open the activity dashboard in Google Docs, Sheets, Slides & Drawings. You’ll see a jagged arrow pointing upward next to comment button on the right side of the page.

By clicking on this you’ll be able to analyze time stats. Also you can adjust privacy and document settings. This small tool makes your life easier since it’s really easier for you to reach the activity dashboard data very quickly. Hovering over the icon enables you to view the information others can see about you in the Activity dashboard.

Advanced Password Controls for Increased Security

With regard to securing web accounts, a strong password is the main line of guard. In that capacity, associations have different stipulations for their users' passwords. G Suite administrators  can determine least and most extreme length limits for passwords for their users. With this launch, it is conceivable to enforce additional rigorous password for expanded security and to meet their consistence needs.

What administrators can do :

By looking at the passwords which are weak in the domain, they can force the users to change their passwords to strong ones.

Also they can impose on them to use lengthy passwords in their next login (that’s default)

Also admins can set expiration limits, so that the users are prompted  to change the password after certain number of days

Can block users from using old passwords by keeping the “Allow password reuse” box unchecked

These settings can be found in the Admin Console - Security - password Management

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People are going wild for a handy new shortcut that will change the way you use Google Docs

- Google has introduced new URLs that can open up blank Google Docs with the click of a button.
- To try it out, simply point your browser to or other Google URLs.
- Here's an incomplete list of these new URLs, along with a way to take the shortcut to the next level.
Last month, Google rolled out a new time-saving shortcut for anyone who spends a lot of time in Google Docs.
To open a new, blank document — or spreadsheet, or presentation — all you have to do is go to one of Google's handy new URLs.
So if you want to start a new document, you just have to type "" into your browser.