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New ASUS Google Meet Hardware starter kit and updated Meet compute system

What’s changing
We’re introducing a new ASUS starter kit for Google Meet Hardware, helpful for those who take frequent video conferences from home or from smaller-sized rooms. The starter kit includes the Huddly camera, speakermic, compute system, and remote control (versus touch controller). It requires less space and is a more affordable way to keep colleagues, partners and customers around the world connected, face-to-face.

We’re also refreshing existing ASUS kits with the new ASUS Google Meet compute system (formerly Chromebox). This new Meet compute system is slimmer and easier to deploy than previous versions, with a longer device lifespan of five years.

We'll be launching a Meet compute system with Logitech in partnership with CTL, coming soon. Stay tuned to the G Suite Updates blog for more information.

For those returning to shared meeting spaces, we have made voice controls available in beta to make it easier to host touch-free meetings. Customers who wish to sign up for the…
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TIMESPOT : Leave and Attendance - Everything you need to know about

What is TIMESPOT ?

Leave and Attendance mobile and web application (Also called Timespot application) is for any kind of an organization. The leave management software aims at helping users to address leave and attendance related work in multiple disciplinary angles. The main focus of the leave and attendance system is to minimize the time, documentary and physical movements which consume to manage the manual leave system in an organization. This brilliant leave and attendance application holds powerful features which will increase productivity and enables HR department’s to smoothly control the leave and absence situation in the company, make decisive and on-the-spot approval.
We always deliver the best value proportion to our customers which enables you to take the maximum for the amount you pay. Accordingly, the sublimes of Finetech Leave and Attendance system are as follows: 
➢ Google Single Sign on  ➢ Configurable leave types  ➢ Unique leave and attendance application forms  ➢ In…

Announcing Google Cloud VMware Engine: Accelerating your cloud journey

VMware technologies form the cornerstone of many customer’s enterprise IT environments, and those same enterprises are eager to run their VMware environments in the cloud to scale quickly and benefit from cloud services. Last summer, we announcedsupport for customers to run VMware workloads on Google Cloud, and we have made significant progress since then. In the fall we acquired CloudSimple to provide customers a fully integrated VMware-based solution, and today we’re proud to announce another significant milestone—Google Cloud VMware Engine, an integrated first-party offering with end-to-end support to migrate and run your VMware environment in Google Cloud. This fully managed service is expected to be generally available this quarter out of two US regions, expanding into additional Google Cloud regions globally in the second half of the year.
Introducing Google Cloud VMware EngineThe service delivers a fully managed VMware Cloud Foundation stack—VMware vSphere, vCenter, vSAN, NSX-T, …

New features for Google Sites: Templates, announcement banners, and access for children with Google Accounts

Three new features in Google Sites
Site templates - Quickly and easily create high-quality sites optimized for common uses. Announcement banners - Highlight important information to make sure site visitors see time-sensitive updates. Access for Family Link accounts - Enable users with Google Accounts managed by Family Link to view and edit sites. Why is it important? Announcement banners, for example, may help companies convey vital details to clients easily. The use of templates to build high-quality sites without needing expertise in architecture or coding will help educational institutions and businesses allow remote learning and working. In general, we hope the updates would allow Sites a more effective platform for exchanging knowledge through distributed audiences. 10 templates have been made for popular uses of the site for this project, available in 16 languages. With one press, you can launch a site with a professional look and feel to match a particular function. You will then …

Best Security Practices for Remote Working

One of the main changes that occurred overnight with the unexpected spread of the COVID-19 pandemic was the shift to a modern work climate in organisations around the globe. With the exception of a handful, for quite a long period, 99.9% of the company has no corporate continuity strategy. This has given the companies and their workers many obstacles. One of the greatest problems companies face is the protection of their company data on the personal computers of employees. We will be reviewing some of the best safety measures for remote workers
Core Organizational Security Measures Effective Briefing - It is necessary for companies to educate all their workers on data protection frequentlyAdhering to basic rules - Ex:- having a strong passwordContinuous scans of the devices Strict controls on firewallsBanning foreign devicesSafe Email SolutionsRegular upgrades to operating systemSuitable Information BackupRegular inspections of the systemsSafe Server Hosting - Hosting the server shoul…

Google’s New Tab Groups Reinvigorate Chrome Browser

Google has introduced another superb reason for its users to stay closer with Google Products. In the new rollout (Chrome 81) has thrown out a major change which is known as “Tab Group”. 
So this major roll out helps you to manage all your tabs opened at a particular time. 
Simple as one, two , three Right click/double-tap on any tabSelect ‘Add to new group’Drag associated tabs into that group

There are plenty of customisation choices available from here. Click on the group header (default using a colored dot) to configure the group name (tip: keep it brief to prevent wasting precious tab space), adjust the group colour, ungroup tabs or close all link tabs. You may also right-click on every tab after you build the first category to ungroup it or transfer it to either of the current groupings.
As with all the greatest ideas, Tab Groups is incredibly easy and can transform the way you use Chrome. Notably, you would no longer need to have individual browser windows open for specific tasks,…

Reasons to choose Google Meet over any other platform

The Covid-19 epidemic compelled workers to operate from home, Under the current situation loads of video conferencing platforms started to rise. As you have already heard about security issues of other video conferencing platforms during the past few days, we thought of sharing some outstanding reasons to use Google Meet over any other video conferencing tool.
Security by Default - Only meeting creators andcalendar owners can mute or remove other participants.             
- Only meeting creators and calendar owners can approve requests to join made by external participants.
- Meeting participants can’t rejoin nicknamed meetings once the final participant has left

Privacy Is Non-Negotiable - Google Meet data, like any other data held on Google Cloud, is processed only as instructed by the consumer and is never used for advertising purposes.

Proactive anti-hijacker protections - Google Meet uses a 25-character string to meet IDs, rendering automatic intrusion by brute-force much more chal…