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Google Partner in Bangladesh

We are honored to join Google Partners in Bangladesh In order to guarantee that your team makes the most of this robust collection of corporate collaboration tools , Finetech is a licensed Google Workspace, Google G Suite Enterprise for Education partner/reseller in Bangladesh. We provide comprehensive implementation, installation, training, and ongoing support. To set up, move, or receive help with Google Workspace, contact us . With the single objective of advancing your company, we have the potential to work together with you. We are one of the most trusted Google Workspace resellers in Bangladesh, with years of expertise helping businesses of all sizes and types with Google Workspace support. By treating your business prospects with Google Workspace for business, we assist you in achieving your goals. As a reputable Google Cloud partner for Google Workspace Business in Bangladesh, we have the expertise to harness Google Workspace's power and offer all of its benefits to your

Automate HR Document Management System with Docusign

The workforce is more dispersed than ever nowadays. The new standard for HR teams is remote hiring and on boarding. Every year, growing enterprises hire hundreds of people, collecting a ton of paperwork from various employee groups, subsidiaries, and global locations.  When a new employee joins the company, they are welcomed with a lot of paperwork, and at the back end, the HR department has to send the right documents to the right employees at the right time, everything from offer letters and employee handbooks to all other recruitment-related activities. HR people collect all the documents in a timely manner and store them for future use and audit purposes. eSignature has the ability to automatically archive completed documents to a cloud storage provider, export data to Google Sheets, and start workflows in DocSign CLM. So the HR team can streamline their HR processes and ensure that their documents are stored at the right time and in the right location. HR teams can prevent wasting

Google Maps has a new member.

  Eco-friendly routing with Google Maps... Eco-friendly routing is the new feature of the new Routes API. Your fleet's fuel and energy consumption and CO2 emissions can be reduced by increasing fuel efficiency. You will now have the choice to activate environmentally friendly routing in both your online and mobile experiences. When you enable eco-friendly routing, you may choose the engine type and other elements like current traffic and road conditions to determine the eco-friendly route. In addition to showing the fastest route, Google Maps will now offer the fastest route along with the most fuel-efficient route.

Work Better Together with Zoom Team Chat

    By empowering the quick and efficient exchange of important messages and resources, workspace chat solutions are quickly becoming the foundation for communications. And with a chat product that’s part of a unified communications platform, you can further empower your teams to get more done together while avoiding the dreaded “toggle tax.”  We recently announced an expansion and evolution of Zoom Team Chat . We’re excited to share some updates to Team Chat to help your teams fully leverage the Zoom platform and get more done together!  Avoiding the ‘Toggle Tax’ The modern organization has a wide range of tools to assist in its day-to-day communications and engage with customers.  According to a recent report from Harvard Business Review , the average worker spends a staggering amount of time switching between applications. Researchers found that the average worker toggles between different apps and websites nearly 1,200 times a day, spending up to four hours a week reorienting thems

What Finetech Has To Offer : An Overview

  As everyone knows, we are Google Partner in SriLanka, the world's most innovative and valued brand, to bring the solutions our customers desire to ensure that they are provided with the best in the world, state-of-the-art solutions unlike any other.   Within a few years, we have created a customer base of 400+ in Sri Lanka, Bangladesh & Maldives by providing the right solution at the right time. Regardless of the nature of operations, we have provided solutions for blue chip companies to help government and social sector organisations achieve their respective objectives.   Our fundamental vision is to effectively collaborate among businesses cost-effectively, enabling organisations to "go green" and achieve near paperless status. We will be there to deal with our employee's customers & suppliers.   A company's principles make up the overall foundation of a business environment, and here at FINETECH, our principles should reflect how we want our customers

The Culture at FINETECH

My first day working at FINETECH consultancy was a pleasant experience. My co-workers have been welcoming and helped me a lot in my domain, which is social media marketing. I provide a youthful look at the social media landscapes of my generation, such as Instagram and Tik Tok. Now I've been tasked to comment on the overall company culture of FINETECH consultancy. In addition to salary, benefits, and opportunities to grow professionally, many employees consider company culture important when looking for a new job. According to an Indeed survey, 46% of job seekers who have viewed jobs but did not apply said they ultimately chose not to use them because they didn't feel it would be a good culture fit. Understanding different business cultures can help you develop a positive one for your workplace that centers on your company values, mission, and goals and helps your employees be productive, satisfied, and engaged. "good" company culture is suitable for a business and th

Access well-known educational technology tools straight from Google Classroom.

  We're making it simpler for instructors to use popular EdTech products that are most effective for their class right in Google Classroom with the new seamless integration of single sign-on, assigning, and grading. With the help of this feature, teachers can find, assign, and grade interesting content for their classes, and both teachers and students can access their EdTech tools without needing to navigate to other websites or apps or go through a cumbersome login process that requires remembering numerous usernames and passwords. This offers a more simplified experience when using technology to affect learning, in addition to saving instructors and students time. We partnered with 15+ EdTech companies to build custom add-ons, including Kahoot!, Pear Deck, IXL, and Nearpod.   Admins :  For educators to use add-ons, district administrators must provide access to them. For further information on how to install the add-ons functionality and specific add-ons for a domain, OU, or grou