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Finetech Consultancy - Why choose us ?

 Who we are ?

Finetech Consultancy Private Limited, is a Google Cloud and Google for Education Partner headquartered in Sri Lanka with operations in Bangladesh and Maldives. Finetech supports and maintains more than 250 + customers. The mission of Finetech is to position itself as the market leader in the Cloud Computing sphere delivering uncompromised, scalable, sustainable, reliable, and secure solutions ensuring the customer’s competitive advantage. With product oriented, experienced,  qualified, and passionate pre-sales and post-sales support teams Finetech continues to go beyond customer satisfaction as the pioneer in the next paradigm shift in secure computing platform delivery.

The founder members of Finetech are, IT professionals who have more than twenty five years of experience each in the IT industry and have been involved as CEOs, successfully managing IT Companies. They are also well known in the market & have strong relationships at C-Level in the Government as well as the Corporate Sectors & bring wealth of knowledge & experience to the Company.

They are supported by a team of well trained professionals, who have the necessary skills & qualifications such as G Suit Certified Deployment Specialists, G Suit Sales Specialists which demonstrate the experience to deploy, configure, and migrate customers to Google Cloud Solutions.

Our Products and Services.

Gsuite for Business

G Suite provides a complete communication and content production solution that requires only a browser to run. Teams can work together on the same document, spreadsheet or presentation at the same time. Google apps bring teams closer together and secure the freedom to use any device from anywhere in the world ­making your workforce more productive keeping your business moving around the clock. Even open a Microsoft office document, make your edits and save back as a native office file without needing Microsoft Office.

Google Cloud Platform 

Let Finetech help you bring your product to the next level with Google Cloud Platform.
With Google Cloud Platform, you can store, manipulate and analyze your very large data sets easily and rapidly and build your applications on the same world­ class infrastructure that is used and trusted by over 4 million applications.
Continuous access to new features and improvements to current features make you work effectively.

Read more about Google Cloud Platform from Here.

OverC - Workflow Management System (version 1)

Keep it all under one roof and Monitor them all!
Why buy separate software to handle  different business processes when almost all the business processes can be automated with the use of one single software ?
What we are offering is a Google for Work integration application with which you can manage all your business activities in one place.

Explore more about OverC from Here.

Signature Management

We believe your email signature is as important as any of your other corporate identities. Using a well designed and managed email signature enhances the image of the entire organization.
Our latest signature management application will help you design and manage professional email signatures of all users within the organization.
Assists you in centrally managing the company email signature that enables you build your brand or do corporate communications or even promote your products and services and etc., other than the typical information that includes in an email signature such as Name, Contact number and etc.

Centrally managed Gmail signatures. Finally.
Set sleek unified signatures for the whole company in minutes. Predefined templates with no need for end-user configuration (read: no struggling with formatting and image uploads).

Made for G Suite (Google Apps)
Best G Suite (Google Apps) integration in class. Single sign-on, seamless installation, automatic users import, user profiles, organizational units, images, you name it.
Developed for G Suite (Google Apps) customers.

Ready-made professional signature designs
Choose from a wide array of ready-to-use optimized email signature templates in various designs and get going in minutes.

Departments are different. So can be your templates.
Define multiple signature templates and assign them to different groups. Sales department needs to include other information than customer service? No problem.

Turn signatures into a new marketing channel
Our smart Marketing Planner turns email signatures into a new marketing channel. Promote your upcoming event, new product or anything else.

Email recall
Recall internal email sent to the wrong  recipients
Delete email received from a phishing attack
Hunt down harmful emails sent into your domain.

Training & Consultancy.

Cloud Change Management Training
Cloud computing has been a hot topic in the business world for quite a while and still is. Advantages gained from cloud computing by both consumer and enterprise product categories are immense and being embraced rapidly by organizations of all sizes. Interest expressed for Cloud spreads across all levels of an organization, from the C-level officers to corporate IT through to end users. Profuse of exciting new features and functionalities are being empowered by cloud that is quite amazing to observe. Cloud computing has been a hot topic in the business world for quite a while and still is. Advantages gained from cloud computing by both consumer and enterprise product categories are immense and being embraced rapidly by organizations of all sizes. Interest expressed for Cloud spreads across all levels of an organization, from the C-level officers to corporate IT through to end users. Profuse of exciting new features and functionalities are being empowered by cloud that is quite amazing to observe.

Google Apps for Work Training

Google has been pushing the technological bounds of cloud computing for more than ten years. Today, feedback and usage statistics from hundreds of millions of users in the real world help us bring stress-tested innovation to business customers at an unprecedented pace. Web-based applications powered by Google’s global infrastructure give workers full access to their information across devices, so they can be productive in more places. Their data is stored in the cloud – not on one particular computer – so employees can connect with all of their information and get work done from any Internet connection. Google’s infrastructure gives users seamless access to their information at work, at home, on the road and from their mobile devices. With traditional technology, important information can be trapped in software only available on a limited set of devices, preventing employees from being their most productive.

Time Management Training

‘Time and Tide wait for none’.

An individual should understand the value of time management to succeed in all aspects of life and people who fail to understand the importance of it usually end up ruining both their personal and professional aspects of life. Time management helps organizing one’s work effectively by allocating the right time to the right activity while prioritizing activities by assigning specific time slots to tasks according to their importance. Helping out to set goals and objectives while setting out deadlines for those and assisting to figure out delegation of responsibilities are among some other benefits of time management.

The need for time management becomes even more crucial for a work environment especially in an organization due to plenty of reasons. Working in an organization is all about deadlines and effectively managing your time is very important when it comes to getting things done on time. By adopting the basics of time management, as a person who knows how to manage this scarce resource effectively, you create your own identity in your workplace and become a valued person for the organization.

IT Security Distribution

FineTech is a leading regional IT security, application delivery network and video communications solutions distributor for M-Tech. Established in May 2002, M.Tech is headquartered in Singapore and has a network of 33 offices in 17 countries, namely in Singapore, Australia, Cambodia, China (including Hong Kong), India, Indonesia, Japan, Korea, Malaysia, Myanmar, New Zealand, Philippines, Sri Lanka, Taiwan, Thailand, United Kingdom and Vietnam. Finetech together with M-Tech provides on-site sales, marketing as well as technical support to its reseller partners. The partner network has been growing well in terms of capacity and revenue.

Learn more about our security distribution from Here.

We are available to deal with your requirements at any time, day or night.
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