Top 10 apps made using AppSheet

AppSheet being a no code platform has been able to provide innovative and creative applications for many organizations, and these applications have turned out to be very successful.

Today we bring to you 10 most innovative and useful applications created using AppSheet ranging from non-profit organizations to global powerhouses.

10. Rotary International

Rotary International is a service organization that brings together pioneers in professional and business industries in aid of upholding world peace.

In 2017 when hurricane Maria hit the Caribbean Islands, Rotary International dived into action to support the affected. They provided food, water, clothing, medicine and shelter to those affected in many areas. Managing the resources during this crisis was extremely difficult, therefore Rotary decided to develop an application using AppSheet to keep in contact with members in any area and keep track of supplies. With the use of this app Rotary was able to immediately distribute needed supplies to many islands in the Caribbean.

9. New incentives

New Incentives is a non-profit organization that aids in the immunization of Nigerian infants against deadly diseases. 

New Incentives employees often had to provide services in remote and inaccessible areas in Nigeria with really poor connectivity. The organization built an application using AppSheet that could be accessed offline to connect with each other when in these areas. The employees were able to provide the best service to these infants due to the developed offline application.

8. Arrivage

Arrivage is a firm that built an application that connects farmers with buyers. Using this application chefs, grocery store owners and other buyers can check what produce is available and in what quantities from farmers in real time.

The farmers are able to promote the available produce and future produce with availability dates and pricing. Meanwhile buyers can search using farmers’ names, types of food they need, location, prices, etc.

7. PEGAfrica

PEGAfrica is an organization that sells solar panels which are affordable to residents in remote areas of Ghana, Côte d’Ivoire, and Senegal.

In order to grow and sell more, employees of PEGAfrica go from door to door to sell solar panels to villagers in secluded areas. With the help of AppSheet an app was developed that connects the employees, shows sales territories, customer information, debt tracking, etc. It also analyses the sales performance giving the organization better ways and areas to promote solar panels.

6. TigoUne

TigoUne is a telecommunications service provider to residents across Colombia. 

The organization which has a vast network of cell towers needs constant inspection. A field audit supervisor of TigoUne shifted all audit data from paper to AppSheet, and this has helped the organization in a major way. The audit supervisor says that the process of making quick modifications is now very easy because of AppSheet.

5. I-Care group

I-Care is an organization that provides machine measurement services to industrial organizations around the world. 

The company built 15 custom machine measurement services apps in order to increase productivity. According to the reliability engineer of the organization these apps have helped the technicians to be more efficient in the field. 

The data collected now is very accurate and reliable, whereas in the past the data was recorded in paper and entered into Excel which was not very reliable. 

Almost 350 employees across I-care use the apps to quickly find all kinds of company-specific information about accounting, marketing, corporate values, human resources, company cars, and more. The apps also contain employee contact information, so employees can easily contact each other in case of emergency. 

4. Access RV

Access RV is a full service RV dealership that provides a range of truck campers, fifth wheels, motor homes, and lightweight trailers in Utah.

The company developed customized apps to streamline their 3 main departments: Sales, Rentals and Parts & Service.

The owner of Access RV states that the time spent on recording data now is very less compared to manually recording data using excel and filing paperwork.

The following is an image of their main app which contains sales, rentals and workload data

3. M&O Partners

M&O partners is an international sales hub that connects buyers and suppliers in the offshore oil and gas industry. 

In order to scope its network and streamline project management, M&O partners used AppSheet to develop a few customized apps. 

A project implementation app runs all projects on top of specific processes, where each step is assigned to different users worldwide. The app distributes notifications to end users and provides an interface where they can execute tasks, upload documents, and pass along responsibilities to the person assigned to the next step in the project. The company also built a network management app that tracks things like company names, staff members, membership status, project information, the services companies are receiving from M&O and more, making it easier to stay on top of each client account as the business scales.

The following is an image of the company’s deliverables dashboard app 

2. KLB construction

KLB construction is a heavy highway civil contractor operating out of the Pacific Northwest. Over 250 employees rely on paperwork in order to do their jobs.

With the use of AppSheet KLB has developed more than 20 apps to digitize their work processes and to enforce safety codes. KLB’s senior project manager states that the workload has been easier as a result of AppSheet. 

The Foreman Daily Reports app which is shown below, is organized by job, providing a daily digital view of what is happening at a job site. This app replaced the daily paper log. With the app, the site foreman can stop by a job site and digitally fill out a daily report to record what work was completed, etc., with accompanying photos when needed. Back at the office, all the reports can be reviewed to get a clear picture of activities at all sites. This app has made everyone’s job easier.

And at number 1,

1. Husqvarna

Husqvarna is a Sweden manufacturer of outdoor power products; chainsaws, lawn mowers, brush cutters, trimmers and more. 

The Headquarters based in South Carolina had a clear goal of automating its entire warehouse to custom no code apps with product skus over 35,000. Within 8 months Husqvarna warehouse team was able to develop 41 custom applications for inventory management, forklift drivers, personnel management, goods reception and quality control tracking. 

For instance, the company’s Track Lift app lets the team know who is using cherry pickers and forklifts at any point in time. As a result, up to 40 lift drivers and team leaders have access to up-to-date information about who is on what lifts when, the condition of each machine before and after use, and more. Instead of using a radio to communicate and check on availability, the team can simply refer to the Track Lift app to see what is being used and what is not.

Husqvarna’s 12-person inventory control cycle count team uses the Digi Count app to verify the number of parts in stock. In the past, counters would have a stack of papers with location information where they would not have an ideal path through the warehouse, count locations, and give the paper to someone at the end of the day for data entry.


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