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10 Things to Master in Google Analytics - Do you know them?

Making Admin Quarantine easier, quicker, and safer

Administrator Quarantine enables your association to anticipate spam, limit information loss, and secure sensitive data. G Suite administrators can set up and oversee isolate strategies to occupy messages that represent a threat before they're sent or conveyed. They would then be able to audit those messages and make a move to secure their association and its information. We're making it simpler to perceive any reason why messages have been isolated specifically in the Admin Quarantine interface. This data will make it quicker to audit messages and less demanding to recognize the correct activity. Administrators can take any of the following actions. - The particular rule that was activated to make the email enter Admin Quarantine - Deliver the message to the intended recipient - Deny message delivery - Take no action (message is automatically deleted after 30 days ) Users with the “ Access Admin Quarantine ” or “ Access restricted quarantines " a

First Look: Pivot Tables in Google Data Studio

Security in the cloud: myths and realities

The several high-profile   data breaches   in the past few years have definitely ratcheted up companies’ attention to securing and safeguarding their data. This, of course, isn’t news to cloud providers. After all, it’s their business to protect customers’ data. Yet myths persist when it comes to cloud and security, and that needlessly complicates companies’ decisions about moving to the cloud. So I’d like to take a few minutes here to dispel five prominent myths so you can make more-informed decisions about the role of security in your own journey to cloud. #1: "Cloud is inherently insecure" This is probably one of the biggest and most stubborn myths about the cloud. Cloud providers take security extremely seriously. They have to—otherwise, they’d have no business. Plus, they’re subject to myriad regulatory bodies and compliance requirements. They employ dozens of different security frameworks and controls—many more than the typical company uses in its own facilitie

Export all your G Suite Data right off the bat

There is one question people mostly ask when they plan to go Google, that is whether their data is safe & secure in the hands of Google? We at Finetech, promote Google products without any hesitation because we know that NOTHING COULD GO WRONG WHEN YOU GO GOOGLE.  There is a proper mechanism with very strict security controls to export data & to download and keep a copy of your valuable data. We will show you how to safeguard your data. First go to admin console, then navigate to the tool section of the right-side slide out menu and select “Data Export.” Data from G Suite will be transmitted to all the employees, once it’s completed, you will get a email with confirmation link which has access to your archived data in the cloud. We can guarantee that this link will only be obtainable to super admins of the company. After that step is done, the admins can do anything with the archived data. Security measurement on archived data - It must be sta

Why Google Forms are nifty?

Google Forms is the simplest method, to create customized questionnaires & to carry out surveys. Though most of the people are unaware of this, this has lot of benefits  one can ask for when carrying out a survey. Best thing about Google forms is that you don’t have to deal with paper anymore. Also you can create and analyze surveys right in your mobile or web browser. Reasons to use Google Forms - Ability to create unlimited free forms - Logic threading (if the 1st question is about a divisions of a company, the 2nd could be regarding the selected division) - Forms are mobile friendly - Results can be collected to a sheet directly - Can get email notifications of results Benefits of Google forms - Quiz answer suggestions - With Google's machine learning, forms would now be able to anticipate the right answer as someone writes the inquiry, and also give choices for wrong answers. - Autocomplete answers - After you type one

Getting Started With Google Data Studio

Getting Started With Google Data Studio

Why not Increase your Business Productivity with Google?

       With the growth of technology, businesses must restructure their traditions, culture, habits. To make those changes very smoothly & in a rapid manner, what we suggest is to go Google. Our engineers at Finetech are always prepared to serve any business with this matter “How to Increase Productivity by going Google” There are plenty of Google products which will fulfill all your business needs but still most of the people are unaware of it. Gmail - The most famous tool among other products of Google. The “new gmail” has lot of new features to support businesses. Organizing emails from inbox. snooze emails, reply suggestions, send emails & attachments confidentially. Best thing about confidentiality of emails is that you can set an expiration date, require a pass code when needed, prevent forwarding, downloading, copying, and pasting. The new gmail saves your time, a better way to increase your capacity. Drive - One of the best ways to work collaborativel

What is Change Management?

Are you afraid of CHANGE ? This discipline h elps people & organizations to do the work very conveniently. Change Management phase will guide you in the right path. After you get adopted to the new procedure, you will realize how things that were hard have become very simple & easy. Not only will it make work that seemed complex very simple but, also help businesses to fullfil their goals in a limited time. During this transitional period a business organization & its employees will understand how to deal with customers in an outstanding manner, learn to act according to new technological alterations, only by changing their old school practices. If you do not change business structure in accordance with the escalation of technology, your organization will be left behind & will lose market share drastically. Changing one’s habits is one of the hardest things in life and to address this, our recommendation is our own Finetch Change Management Process. The m

Life at Finetech - Episode 3 - Sales Engineering & Account Management

What comes to mind when you think of quick Cloud Solutions? Yes it is Finetech Consultancy, the largest partner of Google in Sri Lanka.  Since Cloud is the next biggest revolution, we have our very own methods of assisting our clients, while we have 400+ customers in different sectors. Expertise at Finetech, are empowered to Prospect and qualify prospective buyers for the products sold by the Company. Our expertise are the best because we go in par with Google, we have up to date technological knowledge as our employees keep on learning & get certified for their area of work. So This article will talk mainly about our Sales Team, the heart of Finetech which beats for its customers. Sampath Basnayake - Head of Sales Engineering and Account Management. The guy who is concerned about a healthy lifestyle just as his office work. Sampath holds a bachelor's degree in Computer Science & Software Engineering from Edith Cowan University of Australia. S