Making Admin Quarantine easier, quicker, and safer

Administrator Quarantine enables your association to anticipate spam, limit information loss, and secure sensitive data. G Suite administrators can set up and oversee isolate strategies to occupy messages that represent a threat before they're sent or conveyed. They would then be able to audit those messages and make a move to secure their association and its information.

We're making it simpler to perceive any reason why messages have been isolated specifically in the Admin Quarantine interface. This data will make it quicker to audit messages and less demanding to recognize the correct activity. Administrators can take any of the following actions.

- The particular rule that was activated to make the email enter Admin
- Deliver the message to the intended recipient
- Deny message delivery
- Take no action (message is automatically deleted after 30 days )

Users with the “Access Admin Quarantine” or “Access restricted quarantines" admin privileges will have access to this new information in the Admin Quarantine.

You can also choose to receive periodic quarantine alerts. Messages in the quarantine are stored on Google's servers until an action is taken.


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