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Life at Finetech - Episode 5 - Software Engineering 2

In the earlier article it was only about one fourth of our software team, today’s interview is about few more people .The team of Jagath, Chamini, Kalana & Chamath, is playing an essential role to make sure the software team is going. Also the contribution they make cannot be measured. Jagath Priyashantha - Software Engineer Jagath has completed his BSc in (Software Engineering) at Java Institute while achieving Diploma in BIT, Graphic Designing (IBTS), Professional Certification in Java Technology at Java Institute. Jagath is a product  of St. Peter’s College, Negombo. Let’s see what software engineer "Jaga" has to say, As a software engineer, I work in a constantly evolving environment, due to technological advances and the strategic direction of the organisation. We create, maintain, audit and improve systems to meet particular needs, often as advised by a systems analyst or architect, testing software systems to diagnose and resolve system fault

How to use Google Data Studio?

Helping SaaS companies run reliably on Google Cloud

PARTNERS Helping SaaS companies run reliably on Google Cloud Chirag Mehta Global Technology Partners Henry Robertson Customer Reliability Engineering August 16, 2018 Two years ago,  we announced  Customer Reliability Engineering (CRE) with the aim to share operational fate with our customers and give them more control over the critical applications they're entrusting to us. Since then we’ve worked with a number of companies, and we’ve seen that the more systems a business has collected, inherited, or acquired, the greater its operational burden. These businesses often know that moving to the cloud can decrease that burden, offering them security, scalability, and cost benefits, but worry that those benefits come at the expense of control. In our experience,  Site Reliability Engineering best practices  can greatly reduce this anxiety while simultaneously increasing release velocity and reliability. That’s why we’re cons

Easy peasy gadget in Docs - Voice Typing

What do you feel when you think about typing ? Isn’t it difficult? What about typing in Sinhala and Tamil? Isn’t it more difficult? Don’t worry, now we can make typing easy for you. Try Google voice typing feature. Now, we have not only Sinhala,Tamil and English but, lot of popular languages used in the world to support Google Docs “Voice Typing” feature. Around 90 languages. Also you can select different accents in a language. This is called as speech to text feature. Natural language processing is used Most of the people are unaware about this feature even though they use Google docs. This feature eliminates the cost you spent all this time for other language typists, also no need to have a separate person to do this, you can try it yourself. All you have to do is go to “tools” then select “voice typing” or else use ctrl+shift+s, after that click on the drop down menu and select the language or the accent you prefer. When you try this for the first time th

The life saving option in Gmail - "Confidential Mode"

Once you press the “send” button in gmail, it’s gone and it’s out of your control. You can’t do anything about it. Either you can press “undo” as quickly as you can or ask the relevant person or party to delete it. What if you lose both the chances? Though we ask a relevant party to delete, there is only a 50% chance that it will get deleted, maybe it is deleted after taking a copy, so you are actually helpless at this moment. So to get some control into your hand Google has introduced an amazing feature called “Confidential Mode” to keep your things safe & secure. You can call it a “life saving option.” Because this option will not let a person forward the mail, will not let anybody to download or copy. Gmail prevents a person from doing above 3 things and also did you know that you can make an email get expired or vanished according to your preferences? Yes now you can do it…. After typing the email & attaching the documents, you can click on the clock ic

Programmatically manage exports with the Google Vault API

We launch ed the Google Vault API  in 2017 so that customers could integrate Vault with the other tools and processes critical to their business. We’re now improving the API by making it possible to programmatically create  and manage exports, in addition to legal matters and holds. With this launch, you can use the Google Vault API to: create an export —send a request to export messages and files that match your criteria. list exports —retrieve the status of all exports associated with a matter. get an export —retrieve the status of an export anytime, and if the export is completed, download that export using the standard Cloud Storage API. delete an export —remove an export from a matter when it’s no longer needed. For more information, check out the Google Vault API Developers Guide.