The life saving option in Gmail - "Confidential Mode"

Once you press the “send” button in gmail, it’s gone and it’s out of your control. You can’t do anything about it. Either you can press “undo” as quickly as you can or ask the relevant person or party to delete it. What if you lose both the chances? Though we ask a relevant party to delete, there is only a 50% chance that it will get deleted, maybe it is deleted after taking a copy, so you are actually helpless at this moment.

So to get some control into your hand Google has introduced an amazing feature called “Confidential Mode” to keep your things safe & secure. You can call it a “life saving option.” Because this option will not let a person forward the mail, will not let anybody to download or copy.

Gmail prevents a person from doing above 3 things and also did you know that you can make an email get expired or vanished according to your preferences?

Yes now you can do it….

After typing the email & attaching the documents, you can click on the clock icon (turn confidential mode on/off) which is found next to insert photo icon which is in the latter part of the composing window. After clicking on the clock icon you can select the time according to your preferences, you can select, by when your email should get disappeared.

Also you don’t have to wait for the due date, you can simply go to sent mails and click on “remove access” and it will be unavailable for the end party. Also you can “renew access” for them.

After all isn’t it a cool feature?


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