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Safety Center: helping you remain safe on the web

Making innovation for everybody implies ensuring everybody who utilizes it. For a long time, Google has been building valuable items to make individuals' lives simpler. From the earliest starting point, we've constantly realized that when individuals utilize our administrations, they're confiding in us with their data and we must protect it.

Today, we have begun revealing a recently extended Google Safety Center. We've refreshed our assets and maneuvered significantly more data into one website committed to instructing and engaging individuals on vital themes like information security, security controls and online assurances for the majority of our clients. The site will be accessible in excess of 65 dialects in the coming weeks.

The safety center is just one more way we advise individuals
about what we do to guard and to keep individual data private
and give them control. It connects to some simple-to-utilize
security controls so individuals can pick the settings that are
ideal for them. It highlights supportive security tips since we
care about protecting you at whatever point you're on the web,
not simply on Google. What's more, to enable families to more
readily oversee innovation, it gives helpful assets and instruments
to show kids advanced security and citizenship.

Helping individuals deal with their protection and security is fundamental to all that we do. Throughout the years we've made numerous instruments and are continually enhancing them so you're in control: Google Account gives you access to every one of the settings to shield your information and privacy; Privacy Checkup causes you rapidly survey and alter what information Google uses to customize your experience; My Activity encourages you audit and erase the action information associated with your record.

As innovation keeps on changing the manner in which we live, work, and play, our duty to keeping you safe and secure online just develops. This site is the most recent case of how we satisfy our duty to protect you.


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