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AppSheet is a platform that provides ease in developing apps to bridge the gap between physical and digital worlds.

Here are some of the features of AppSheet;

  1. Provides multi-platform support
    Without even needing to write a line of code, the AppSheet framework allows anybody to create an app for iOS, Android, and the web. Apps run smoothly through every standard form of device. As a perk, never again think about updating the app with the latest updates to iOS and Android. The AppSheet team makes it a point to monitor fresh program fixes and debug them.

  2. Data Integration
    AppSheet incorporates a range of various sources of information. The platform works seamlessly whether anyone is using G-Suite, Office, SQL, or other leading data providers as their primary data source. 

To optimize the data entry, management, and reporting processes, link a single app to many data sources. Or use slices of data and private tables to monitor how people appear to the data.

  1. Data Visualization

Integrating and securely saving data is a perfect starting point, but where AppSheet shines, is properly utilizing that data for mobile. Choose to display the data, including maps, charts, calendars, galleries, dashboards, graphs, and more from several different view styles.

  1. Data Capture
    Capture data on-the-go with text, images, pre-filled check boxes, QR codes, bar codes, signatures, GPS and more.  To streamline and standardize their field data collection practices, a vast majority of AppSheet clients use a form of data capture.

  2. User Interface and User Experience customization (UI & UE)
    Not only can the right layout be elegant, but also efficient. To make the app shine, customize the colors, icons, images, fonts, and other basic resources. Conditional rules for formatting allow modification of the layout of the app based on those conditions, and custom forms make the processing of on-the-go data a powerful, safe and reliable operation.

  1. Automated Workflow
    Customize the user interface with powerful actions to allow data updates to quickly access software, send external notifications, and build workflow rules based on main app prompts or predetermined times to simplify processes and reporting.

  2. Hybrid Cloud Enablement
    Will protected data that does not reside on a server be included? Use the DreamFactory integration to link AppSheet to an on-premise database. Also in cellular dead zones, take advantage of offline accessibility (e.g. a production plant, oil platform, or field survey) and sync once you recover access.


Over the past years, a rich collection of features have helped app makers around the world to create more than one million apps on AppSheet, serving everyone from African green energy leaders to Fortune 500 companies.

AppSheet Features


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