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Refine search results in Gmail faster with search chips

When someone is out of office you are able to see at the time of composing an email or in hangouts. But now it has been expanded to see even when you hover over someone’s name in your inbox or in the “To” & “From” section in an email.
Helps to have a better understanding & allows you to know when to set up a meeting or to call that person.
These notices will automatically appear when anyone whose calendar you have access to has an out of office event scheduled.
This will help busy folks to have a clear picture of what they are searching for. It assists you with search chips (a way to sort & filter ) which are related to the keyword you give. 

It is smart enough to show you results from docs, contacts, sheets, calendar invite. Also these search chips pop up as rules, such as whether you need an email without an attachment or if you want to see results related to the keyword except for chats . This reduces the unwanted search criterias. 

This feature is available for end users by default.

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