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Save time with Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat

We’re bringing Smart Reply to Hangouts Chat so you can respond to teammates quickly and move projects forward more efficiently, in less time. This launch is part of our ongoing effort to bring intelligent, assistive writing tools to all of G Suite. Smart Reply in Hangouts Chat uses sophisticated machine learning intelligence, similar to that behind  Smart Reply in Gmail . Our technology recognizes which messages most likely need responses, and proposes up to 3 different replies. Once you’ve selected one, you can send it immediately or edit your response starting with the Smart Reply text. Please note, this feature is currently only available in English.

View company-owned desktop and mobile devices in one place

With this launch, we’re making it possible for G Suite admins to view a more complete picture of the desktop and mobile devices used by employees in their organization. Add and view device info in the Admin console  To see a list of the devices your organization owns, you simply need to  upload a CSV file listing those devices  and their serial numbers in the Admin console. Previously, you could only upload Android devices; you can now add Endpoint Verification devices (Mac, Windows, and Chrome) as well. These devices will then appear in the  company-owned devices list  and show as company-owned when you click for more device details.

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Improving the security center with custom dashboard charts and new email logs

We’re adding new features to the  G Suite security center . The security center is a set of tools that brings together security analytics, actionable insights and best practice recommendations from Google to empower you to protect your organization, data and users. We’re making a range of performance and functionality improvements to the security center, but here are the key changes to look out for: Create more informative and focused dashboards with custom charts  You can now save custom charts to the security dashboard. This can help you customize the dashboard and ensure that it focuses on what is most interesting to you and your organization. You can create a custom chart based on any log event query you make in the  investigation tool . Use our Help Center to  learn more about the security dashboard  or  how to create a custom charts for the dashboard . More insights into Gmail incidents with post-delivery event logs  We’re adding new email log events that show in

Compare G Suite adoption and use between organizational units

We’re adding the ability to view and filter G Suite reports by organizational unit (OU) in the Admin console and the Reports API. This information can make it easier to build more insightful reports and more complete audits. You could use this to: Compare G Suite usage across OUs - You can drill down to see metrics such as drive storage, active users, and more at an OU level, helping you to measure and track G Suite usage in different areas of your organization.  Improve your investigation efficiency - You can view Audit logs for a particular unit within the company, which can help filter out unrelated events and focus your investigation efforts.  View data by OU in the Admin console  To view a report or audit for a specific OU in the Admin console, filter using the left-hand menu. See our Help Center to  learn more about account activity logs . View data by OU through the Reports API  When you use the Reports API, outputs will include OU information. You can use t

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Share files more easily with non-Google accounts in Drive Beta

Finetech Consultancy Private Limited, having Started 8 years ago,  is the largest Google Cloud and Google for Education Premier Partner headquartered in Sri Lanka with operations in Bangladesh and Maldives. With over 30+ Google Certified Engineers, thus making us one of the largest Support teams in the Region today. Share files more easily with non-Google accounts in Drive Beta Collaboration goes beyond barriers, now non gmail users are able to edit, suggest & comment in Google Docs, Sheets & Slides. This was a huge barrier when people had to communicate with external parties who didn’t have gmail accounts. Through this new update non gmail users will be able to collaborate as visitors, but only by using a pin code. Gmail users can invite non gmail users to collaborate by using their PIN. File owners can check the activities in the files & can withdraw access from drive sharing dialog at any time, while admins can manage external sharing &

Better information on spam messages in Email Log Search

Finetech Consultancy Private Limited, having Started 8 years ago ,  is the largest Google Cloud and Google for Education Partner headquartered in Sri Lanka with operations in Bangladesh and Maldives. With over 30+ Google Certified Engineers , thus making us one of the largest Support teams in the Region today. Better information on spam messages in Email Log Search This new update elaborates the spam. Earlier it was only able to say that a message is spammed, but now this gives more details. When a user marks an email as spam, the admin was able to see it, but now it gives a clear idea by elaborating the details of the spam. Email search log tool will show the reason why an email is marked as spam & other warnings about unsure emails and also it carries a description of the message. Also admin can get a detailed explanation when a banner is stimulated by a phishing attack or doubtful attachment. So based on that you can manage email traffic.


GOOGLE’S INCREDIBLE GROWTH: A TIMELINE By Jordan Valinsky and Ivory Sherman Follow us on - Our Website - Our Facebook page - Our LinkedIn page - Talk to our experts - 071 0326326

Cloud Security Command Center is now in beta and ready to use

Security hero If you’re building applications or deploying infrastructure in the cloud, you need a central place to help understand your security posture, put it in a business context, and act on changes. In March, we  announced   Cloud Security Command Center  in alpha, becoming the first major cloud provider to offer organization-level visibility into assets, vulnerabilities, and threats. Starting today, this security service is available to  Google Cloud Platform  (GCP) customers in beta. This beta release comes with a number of new features, including: Expanded coverage across GCP services including Cloud Datastore, Cloud DNS, Cloud Load Balancing, Cloud Spanner, Container Registry, Kubernetes Engine, and Virtual Private Cloud 13 IAM roles added for fine grained access control across Cloud SCC New examples of how to generate notifications when changes occur, or to trigger Cloud Functions from a Cloud SCC query Ability to view and search for new, delete

Increase the number of participants in Hangout Meet Meetings

In a previous article we spoke about Google Hangouts and its’ benefits. Today there is a good news for Google users. Now you can stretch your hangout meetings by increasing the number of participants. In G-Suite Enterprise 100 participants can be accommodated while G-Suite Business goes up to 50 participants. G-Suite Basic remains the same with a figure of 25. This could include users from inside & outside of your organization. Also you can bring up any blend of video and dial in entry points, which helps you to expand more. Take into account that your hangouts meetings can be even widened by enabling live streaming in Enterprise level, where you can go even up to 100,000 viewers at once. Follow us on - Our Website - Our Facebook page - Our LinkedIn page - Talk to our experts - 071 0326326

8 common reasons why Enterprises Migrate to the Cloud

  1. Data center contract renewals Numerous companies have contracts with private server farms that should be occasionally reestablished. When you get to renegotiation time for these agreements, contemplations like cost modifications or other constraining elements regularly come up. Thus, it's amid these agreement reestablishment periods that numerous organizations start to think about moving to the cloud. 2. Increased capacity requirements Regardless of whether it's the ordinary movement of a developing business or the need to suit tremendous space bounces amid regular moves, your enterprise can profit by having the capacity to quickly increase or decrease compute. Rather than paying the most extreme for on-prem limit, you can move your ability on-request with cloud and pay as you go. 3. Acquisitions At the point when organizations combine, it's a challenge to match up to coordinate application scenes and information—and doing this over different on-p