Compare G Suite adoption and use between organizational units

We’re adding the ability to view and filter G Suite reports by organizational unit (OU) in the Admin console and the Reports API. This information can make it easier to build more insightful reports and more complete audits.

You could use this to:

  • Compare G Suite usage across OUs - You can drill down to see metrics such as drive storage, active users, and more at an OU level, helping you to measure and track G Suite usage in different areas of your organization. 
  • Improve your investigation efficiency - You can view Audit logs for a particular unit within the company, which can help filter out unrelated events and focus your investigation efforts. 

View data by OU in the Admin console 

To view a report or audit for a specific OU in the Admin console, filter using the left-hand menu. See our Help Center to learn more about account activity logs.

View data by OU through the Reports API 

When you use the Reports API, outputs will include OU information. You can use this to report on and analyze by OU. Find out more about how to use the Reports API.


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