Improving the security center with custom dashboard charts and new email logs

We’re adding new features to the G Suite security center. The security center is a set of tools that brings together security analytics, actionable insights and best practice recommendations from Google to empower you to protect your organization, data and users.

We’re making a range of performance and functionality improvements to the security center, but here are the key changes to look out for:

Create more informative and focused dashboards with custom charts 

You can now save custom charts to the security dashboard. This can help you customize the dashboard and ensure that it focuses on what is most interesting to you and your organization. You can create a custom chart based on any log event query you make in the investigation tool. Use our Help Center to learn more about the security dashboard or how to create a custom charts for the dashboard.

More insights into Gmail incidents with post-delivery event logs 

We’re adding new email log events that show information around what happens to emails after they are sent or received. This helps to remove the guesswork when dealing with Gmail incidents and enables you to better understand what is happening in your organization.

New events include: Open, Mark Unread, Reply, Auto forward, Move to Inbox, Move to Trash, Move out of Trash, Link Click, Attachment Download, and Attachment Save to Drive. Use our Help Center to learn more about how to use email event logs.


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