Share files more easily with non-Google accounts in Drive Beta

Finetech Consultancy Private Limited, having Started 8 years ago,  is the largest Google Cloud and Google for Education Premier Partner headquartered in Sri Lanka with operations in Bangladesh and Maldives. With over 30+ Google Certified Engineers, thus making us one of the largest Support teams in the Region today.

Share files more easily with non-Google accounts in Drive Beta

Collaboration goes beyond barriers, now non gmail users are able to edit, suggest & comment in Google Docs, Sheets & Slides.

This was a huge barrier when people had to communicate with external parties who didn’t have gmail accounts.

Through this new update non gmail users will be able to collaborate as visitors, but only by using a pin code. Gmail users can invite non gmail users to collaborate by using their PIN.

File owners can check the activities in the files & can withdraw access from drive sharing dialog at any time, while admins can manage external sharing & audit consumption. So the control is still in the hands of admin & file owners.

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