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6 advanced techniques in Google Data Studio

A close look at the Google Data Studio business dashboard reporting tool

6 Benefits of Cloud Computing : Cyber Monday

Cloud computing offers your business many benefits. It allows you to set up what is essentially a virtual office to give you the flexibility of connecting to your business anywhere, any time. With the growing number of web-enabled devices used in today's business environment (e.g. smartphones, tablets), access to your data is even easier. There are many benefits to moving your business to the cloud. Reduced IT costs Moving to cloud computing may reduce the cost of managing and maintaining your IT systems. Rather than purchasing expensive systems and equipment for your business, you can reduce your costs by using the resources of your cloud computing service provider. You may be able to reduce your operating costs because: The cost of system upgrades, new hardware and software may be included in your contract You no longer need to pay wages for expert staff Your energy consumption costs may be reduced There are fewer time delays. Scalability Your business can scale

Life at Finetech - Episode 4 - Software Engineering 1

In the case of consulting with 400+ organizations around Sri Lanka and abroad, explaining specialized difficulties for independent companies, and providing with significant solutions, we grow new business openings while expanding the utilization of our item offerings. Finetech Software Team, is playing an important role in the field of business. Lets hear about the experience of the Software Engineering Team. The team is crushing it — the road-map is clear, features are taking shape. The product manager is happy with the progress. Engineers are excited about their tasks upto now. Maintaining that rhythm is the first pillar of the tech lead’s job. Lets hear the story of Tech Lead @ Finetech. Raminda Dayananda - Tech Lead 5 years of experience while achieving a Bsc Degree in Management and IT from University of Kelaniya, He is also an old Maliyadevian with passion and well known for undertaking and leading the software engineering team at Finetech. Let'

Only High Priority Emails in your Notifications - for iOS Devices

Here is a marvellous feature for Industrious Persons Notices are just helpful on the off chance that you have sufficient time to peruse them—and in case you're being told many times each day, odds are, you don't. That is the reason we're launching a component that alarms you just when critical messages arrive in your Gmail inbox, so you know when your consideration is extremely required. These notices use Gmail's machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities to recognize messages you might need to peruse first. To empower the component, select "High priority only" from the notifications drop-down in the settings menu of your Gmail iOS application. At the moment this feature is available for iOS devices and in the near future this will be available for Android devices as well. We will surely notify you on the android update, so please stay tuned for more features.

Build your Business Applications in a flash with App Maker

Do you have space issues? Go for Google One

Do you have space issues? To an ever increasing extent, we depend on the web for approaches to securely store the things that matter. Throughout the years, Google has given individuals simple, secure approaches to make, store and offer records web based, including 15 GB of free space with each Google Account. Because of cell phones, and new record positions like 4K video and high-res photography, individuals are putting away like never before previously. A basic arrangement for extended capacity that incorporates additional advantages to enable you to get more out of Google. In the following couple of months, all paid shopper Google Drive storage plans will be moved up to Google One. This change doesn't influence G Suite business clients. Extra benefits Individuals who utilize a ton of capacity tend to utilize a ton of other Google items, as well. So with Google One you get one-tap access to specialists for help with our purchaser items and administrations. Also, yo

Google Data Studio with Google Search Console