Only High Priority Emails in your Notifications - for iOS Devices

Here is a marvellous feature for Industrious Persons

Notices are just helpful on the off chance that you have sufficient time to peruse them—and in case you're being told many times each day, odds are, you don't. That is the reason we're launching a component that alarms you just when critical messages arrive in your Gmail inbox, so you know when your consideration is extremely required.

These notices use Gmail's machine learning and artificial intelligence abilities to recognize messages you might need to peruse first. To empower the component, select "High priority only" from the notifications drop-down in the settings menu of your Gmail iOS application.

At the moment this feature is available for iOS devices and in the near future this will be available for Android devices as well.

We will surely notify you on the android update, so please stay tuned for more features.


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