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Refresh BigQuery data in Sheets using Apps Script and Macros

Recently the BigQuery data connector was released to enable clients to effectively import information from bigger datasets into Sheets. Presently, you can utilize devices like Apps Script and the large macro recorder to plan automatic updates inside Sheets to the associated BigQuery data. Reasons to use it Remain over the best in class information crucial to your business via automatically refreshing the BigQuery information in your sheet. For instance, you can set sales data to automatically refresh with the goal that it's prepared for analysis toward the start of every day. You can likewise auto-refresh information in preparation of key meetings or introductions that happen on a weekly or monthly basis. Or on the other hand you could set a trigger to auto-refresh your information each time you open the spreadsheet. This feature will be ON by default. When you compare data in Sheets and BigQuery, the following procedure should be adopted. To compare data, you mig

Jamboard with New Features

Jams can be created and edited in Chrome web browser. To push contents to the board using Google Drive you can use Jamboard Companion App. But web has very limited access & the phone view also doesn’t have all the features which are available on the tablet. Jamboard is an incredible tool for conceptualizing, empowering cooperation, and bringing ideas to life. This launch makes it simpler for everybody in your group to work together on jams, paying little mind to whether they're by a physical Jamboard or not. Useful features - Support for familiar keyboard shortcuts ( Use Ctrl/CMD+c to copy, CTRL+V to paste, and CTRL+D to duplicate Jam objects when editing on the web ) - Create, delete, and duplicate frames on the web ( Easily manage frames on the web ) - Easier switch between creation modes ( Quickly switch between the drawing and selection modes - hold down Ctrl/CMD to switch to the select mode, and release to switch back to drawing mode ) - Better image

Shutting down of consumer version of Google +

Changes in G+ - Communities outside your domain without at least one G Suite owner will be deleted. Also, your users will no longer be able to create public communities outside your domain. - Google+ pages, events, and the Google+ profile field for “tagline” will be deleted for both G Suite and consumer users. - Previously, upon G Suite customer cancellation, certain customers (e.g., edu customers) could continue to use Google+. Going forward, upon cancellation of G Suite, all G Suite customers’ content will be flagged for deletion. - Content from consumer Google+ accounts will be deleted. Consumer users will also be removed from your circles and communities. - For additional changes to Google+ features such as collections, circles, search, vanity URLs, and commenting in Blogger and other sites, see the Help Center article . Action to be performed by the users - A new version of the Google+ Android app will be released on February 22, 2019. Your G Suite Android

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