Jamboard with New Features

Jams can be created and edited in Chrome web browser. To push contents to the board using Google Drive you can use Jamboard Companion App. But web has very limited access & the phone view also doesn’t have all the features which are available on the tablet.

Jamboard is an incredible tool for conceptualizing, empowering cooperation, and bringing ideas to life. This launch makes it simpler for everybody in your group to work together on jams, paying little mind to whether they're by a physical Jamboard or not.

Useful features

- Support for familiar keyboard shortcuts (Use Ctrl/CMD+c to copy, CTRL+V to paste, and CTRL+D to duplicate Jam objects when editing on the web)
- Create, delete, and duplicate frames on the web (Easily manage frames on the web)
- Easier switch between creation modes (Quickly switch between the drawing and selection modes - hold down Ctrl/CMD to switch to the select mode, and release to switch back to drawing mode)
- Better image management (Add images to jams by drag and drop, copy and paste, or through a simple image upload dialog)

What can be done with the web viewer?
  • - Rename a Jam. Enter the new name and click OK. The change is immediate. - Remove a Jam to removes the jam from your list. You’ll no longer be able to view it, but it will still be visible to other users.

Web viewer limitations

  • - You can only view jams at this time. You can’t cast or comment on jams from the web viewer. - Revision history is not supported in the web viewer. You'll only see the latest saved version of a jam in your web viewer.


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