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New features to help improve and analyse data in Google Sheets

What can you think when it comes to smart clean up in sheets? This update will help you to update & analyse data in a sheet.
Cleanup suggestions - This helps to ensure that the information is correct by finding and recommending solutions for frequent data errors.

Column stats - Offers automatic information about the values inside a column, so you can spot outliers and easily get an understanding of what the data looks like.
Importance These features support in detecting potential cleanup activities and help you to be more sure that simple errors do not affect your results. By creating intelligent views that can help surface insight, it would also encourage faster analysis, which you will then choose to explore more closely. Cleanup suggestions  It's necessary to clean up your data by rectifying errors and ensuring data accuracy before reviewing and making decisions based on data in your sheets. Cleanup suggestions  will help you achieve this by surfacing the side panel wi…

Security-at-scale: 10 new security and management controls

With so many people working remotely, it's imperative that the tools we use to stay productive are secure. Already this year we have worked to strengthen security for our customers and help make threat defense more effective. Today, we’re sharing new advancements that provide robust controls, enable automation, and simplify managing security-at-scale with both G Suite and Google Cloud Platform. Enabling extensibility through APIsFirst, let’s take a look at enabling extensibility with APIs with the general availability of both Cloud Identity groups API and service account API access for Cloud Identity customers. We recognize that some Google Cloud customers rely heavily on groups but are not G Suite administrators. We are now enabling programmatic access to manage groups without requiring admin roles with Cloud Identity groups API. With this feature, we’ve expanded access to non-admin service accounts and users as group owners and managers.  Further, you can programmatically manage…

Folder sharing in shared drives now generally available

This is one of the most wanted features where you can share folders in shared drives. 
Shared drives allow teams and organisations to preserve data , access them and collaborate. With this release, you could share a specific folder with other members or update user privileges to allow users to access specific folders on shared drives with extra privileges.
The functionality is available on the web via Drive, Drive API, Drive File Stream
(v. 42 +), and the new iOS Google Drive apps (v. 4.2020.36202 +) and Android
(v. 2.20.321 +). With the upcoming release, it will be accessible via the native file system on ChromeOS.
Considerable features
Commenter role availability - To align shared drive with my drive commenter role will be available.

Manager role required to move folders between shared drives - As stated earlier only the manager role (in both the locations) will be able to move folders between shared drives.
For Admins
This feature will be available for all domains with Shared Drives enab…

Google acquires AppSheet to help businesses create and extend applications—without coding

Today, (January 15, 2020) Google is excited to announce that it has acquired AppSheet, a leading no-code application development platform used by a number of enterprises across a variety of industries. The demand for faster processes and automation in today’s competitive landscape requires more business applications to be built with greater speed and efficiency. However, many companies lack the resources to address these challenges. This acquisition helps enterprises empower millions of citizen developers to more easily create and extend applications without the need for professional coding skills. According to “The Forrester Wave™: Low-Code Platforms For Business Developers,” Q2 2019, “AppSheet has the most aggressive strategy and roadmap for empowering business people as developers. The platform had the highest score possible in the commercial model criterion and it shows in a stellar experience along with strong features for mobile app development, data design, application scaling,…

Collaborate with people who are not using a Google account in Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites

What’s changing We’re makingvisitor sharing—secure, pincode-based collaboration with people who do not have a Google account—generally available. This means you can share items with non-Google accounts, enabling them to view, comment on, or edit content in Google Drive, Docs, Sheets, Slides, and Sites using a secure pincode. 
Visitor sharing was previouslyavailable in beta, and will replace the current admin setting to allow users in your organization to send sharing invitations.  '
We’ll introduce the new feature according to this timeline:  August 31, 2020: The setting to control sharing with people who are not using a Google account will begin to appear in the Admin console. This setting may be on or off by default depending on your current settings. See “Getting started” below to learn more. This setting will not start taking effect for users until September 8, 2020 (for Rapid release domains) or September 28, 2020 (for Scheduled release domains). September 8, 2020: Users in Rapi…

Key Features to Grow Your Business with Google Cloud Platform

Cloud adoption is taking over multiple regions and industries and it is transforming the way IT is built. Cloud computing has made hosting infrastructure elastic and it is an advantage for the end users as well, to start with, cost savings, scalability, security and service upgrades, and disaster recoveries. Companies figured out that after adopting cloud computing, they become more agile in the competitive marketplace. Businesses now don’t have to spend time and money maintaining and buying their own servers, rather, they can use the off-the-shelf professional infrastructure given by cloud service providers.Google’s strength lies in its expertise in developing and managing cloud-native applications, analytics and machine learning as well as fast virtual machine provisioning and simpler billing.
As a leader in the cloud space, Google Cloud is now earning $1 billion per quarter, according to CEO Sundar Pichai. As a successful option for a cloud platform, could GCP be right for your ente…

Accelerate your application development and delivery

Delivering software quickly, reliably, and safely is at the heart of every digital transformation and application modernization journey. After all, an increase in speed generates powerful business outcomes. Driving developer productivity First, Google added support for Cloud Run, Google’s fully managed container platform, into google Cloud Code IDE plugins. Now you can write, deploy, and debug containerized applications directly from your IDEs such as VS Code and IntelliJ onto google’s fully managed serverless runtime. The integration comes with starter templates in various languages including Java, Node.js, Python, and Go—making it easy to get started and observe best practices. This in turn helps you rapidly explore the core benefits of Cloud Run such as automated day 2 operations, and cost-effective, automatically scaled containerized applications. Second, google built in extensive support for fast feedback as part of the local development loop. To achieve this, Cloud Code includes…

Improved Google Calendar event creation on the web

A year ago, it was said that upgrades to the event creation flow in Google Calendar on the web. More editable event fields into the pop up dialog, it includes below:
Guest permissions - Offer guests permission to access the list of guests, invite others or edit an event.Attachments - Add attachments directly beside the event’s descriptionCalendar preview - Choose a colour of an event, modify alerts, set free / busy and adjust visibility of an event
“Find a time” feature in this view is also upgraded, Overlaying calendars of potential guests to help you quickly choose the best time for everyone

With these adjustments, you can now add all the relevant information from a single window to your Calendar event without bothering yourself to click on "More options" saving you much more time when scheduling an event.Available to all G Suite customers and this latest creation flow will automatically show up on the web in Calendar.

3 new Google Cloud Armor features to protect websites, apps

Google recently released three new features to simplify the way you can use Cloud Armor to help protect your websites and applications from exploit attempts as well as distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) attacks.With the seemingly never-ending list of threats, keeping your websites and applications secure is a constant challenge. Over the first half of this year, Google has made several critical features and capabilities generally available for Google Cloud Armor including WAF rules, geo-based access controls, a custom rules language, support for CDN Origins servers and support for hybrid deployment scenarios. This time around, Google announced: The beta release of Cloud Armor Managed Protection Plus, a bundle of products and services that helps protect your internet-facing applications for a predictable monthly subscription fee. Google-curated Named IP Lists available as a beta. The expansion of Google’s set of pre-configured WAF rules by launching beta rules for Remote File Inclusi…

Meet in Gmail on mobile now rolling out on iOS

Users can access secure video meetings instantly from a devoted Meet tab in the iOS mobile Gmail app. This feature will come to Android shortly.
Meet in Gmail on smartphone as users upgrade their Gmail application will be ON by default. In their Gmail settings, users can cover up the Meet tab within the Gmail application by deselecting "Show the Meet tab for video calling" under "Meet."
Available to all G Suite customers and users with personal accounts. The Meet tab will be permitted in Gmail for users with a G Suite for Education account that is allowed to create Meet video gatherings. G Suite for Education accounts that are unable to create Meet video meetings will not see the Gmail Meet tab, and should use Meet Android or iOS apps instead to join meetings.

10 ways Chrome Enterprise protects employees and businesses

As organisations increase their productivity through the use of cloud and SaaS apps, managing business risk makes IT security even more vital. They have to guard the organisation against external attacks and internal vulnerabilities while keeping the business moving. According to PurpleSec’s Cyber Security Statistics for 2019, malware and web-based attacks are the two most costly attack types and companies spend an average of $2.4 million to ward off these threats. Ransomware attacks are expected to cost an estimated $6 trillion annually by 2021.Every year, Google introduces new security features to ensure that organisations and their employees have the resources to be safer and secure online. Chromebooks adds another layer of security to help IT administrators protect employees from harmful attacks. Here’s a brief look at how Chrome Enterprise keeps your employees and business protected.Phishing prevention Safe Browsing Unidentified dangerous sites can harm devices or cause problems …