Life at Finetech - Episode 7 - Engineering


2020 has by far been the most hectic year. With the on-going pandemic and Christmas coming up, the engineering department at Finetech Consultancy has been quite busy. Let’s have a look at our dedicated team from the Engineering department. This department includes the rest of the support engineering, Digital Marketing and technical teams.

Let’s cut to the chase and have a look at our Digital Solutions Specialist, Varuna Perera

Varuna joined Finetech back in 2017. He is the one to look for when it comes to anything digital related, he’s from Trinity College, Kandy. He has completed SLIIT - BEng in Electrical & Electronics Engineering. Varuna is one of the naughty ones at Finetech, very outgoing and creative with a fun personality and a heart of gold, loves singing and plays several musical instruments.


Certifications - Maps Customer Engineer (Tech) & Digital Marketing

Let’s see what Varuna has to say about Finetech

“I love working at Finetech. It’s a really great place and the working atmosphere suits me well. My team supports me in everything I do and I’m really grateful for that.”

Next on the list is our tall beauty, Chrishel Peiris - Customer Support Engineer

Chrishel joined Finetech in March, 2018. She studied at Gateway College. She has completed BEng (Hons) Electrical/Electronics Engineering from the University of Sunderland, London. She is good at support engineering and developing apps on AppSheet, loves fashion designing, loves caffeine and waffles. She is known as the loudspeaker of the office. When work gets hectic she runs around the office like a headless chicken. Chrishel is trustworthy but gets angry over hanky panky stuff. Once she gets mad there’s no going back.



Certifications - G Suite Deployment Services Specialist, Google Cloud Sales Exam, G-Suite Sales Exam,

This is what Chrishel has to say about Finetech

“Frankly speaking I love the homely work environment of Finetech and it’s been so great to be a part of the department of Engineering. It is the most supportive and enthusiastic team.”

Next on the list is the sweetheart of Finetech, Yeshica Fernando - Customer Support Engineer

Joined Finetech on the 1st of May, 2018. Yeshica studied at Holy Family Convent, Col 04. Often brags about her school around the office. She has also achieved a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Computing from the Wrexham Glyndwr University UK. Has expertise in support engineering, technical writing, digital marketing, and event organizing. Yeshica is trustworthy and kind hearted. Everyone’s first impression of Yeshica was found to be ‘stern’ and ‘unfriendly’, but she is the total opposite of that (really sensitive, sweet and friendly). She loves food and cooking and takes instagram worthy pictures of what she cooks. 


Let’s see what Yeshica has to say about her years at Finetech

“In simple words, I love to work at Finetech, mainly because of the friendly environment and also Finetech lets us learn & explore new things. My team, the engineering department, is a very cool place to hang around. They are foodie lovers. Lastly the management is very flexible when it comes to office matters.” 

Certifications - G-Suite Deployment Services Specialist, Google for Education Deployment Specialist, Jamboard Deployment Exam, Google Cloud Sales Exam, G-Suite Sales Exam.

Next we have a Technical Solutions Engineer - Google Cloud, Tharindu Abeysekara

Joined Finetech in January, 2019. Tharindu studied at Sylvester College, Kandy. He has completed a BSc (Hons) in Computer Network Engineering from University of Plymouth, UK. Tharindu is a very down to earth, kind hearted and loving person. He’s the other guy who looks into Google Cloud technical matters. Loves travelling and hiking. He’s also one of the youngest lads at Finetech. Tharindu is a cheerful and helpful individual.


Certifications - Google Cloud Certified Professional Cloud Architect, G-Suite Deployment Services Specialist

This is what Tharindu has to say about Finetech;

“Working at Finetech is a great experience. I learned so many things and Work never felt like work because I love what I do here. I simply love being with the Engineering Team”

The last individual on our list is Sanjaya Gunaratne, G-Suite Technical Support

Sanjaya joined in November 2019. Sanjaya’s nickname in office is Sana. He studied at Mahanama College, Col 03. Sanjaya completed BSc in Computer Networks from the University of Plymouth, UK. His expertise lies in Networking and Systems. He is a sweet and kind hearted guy who never criticizes anyone. And extremely helpful. He is also the 2020/21 president of the Finetech Recreation Club. 

Certifications - G-Suite Sales Exam

Let’s see what he has to say;

“It has been an exciting and fantastic year at Finetech and a great learning experience where I have enjoyed every moment and I appreciate the opportunity to work with a great supportive and encouraging team.” 

This is all from our engineering department. Stay tuned for more episodes of Life at Finetech. 


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