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Why work with a Google Premier Partner? - Finetech Consultancy (Pvt) Ltd.

Close Partnership with Google

The close and strong relationship with Google helps Finetech to always stay updated on the newest technology as well as incorporate best business practices to our strategies and procedures. This will help our organization to convey the knowledge and provide state of the art solutions to customers.

A Google Certified and experienced team

Finetech consists of experienced Google Workspace and GCP professionals who are bearers of Deployment and Sales Engineers certifications. Finetech considers recruiting highly qualified professionals or training employees to become GCP and Google Workspace professionals in order to provide the best solutions to the customer. Finetech has also achieved a Google partner expertise in work transformation, financial services and Google Meet due to the impressive team of professionals.

Smooth Migration Migrating to Google with Finetech is easy and effortless as the team knows the precautions of avoiding  pitfalls. To maintain business continuity, Finetech also carries out the required deployment plans.

Change Management

Managing the transition and training for Google Workspace and GCP will be conducted by the change management team. Finetech has a complete change management process to support businesses to migrate to new technological platforms because of urgent technology challenges in the world.

Customer Support

Finetech has an enthusiastic customer support team that is always on the lookout for customer issues and technical difficulties. The dedicated team works relentlessly to provide the best possible service to the customers for continuity of the relationship.
The customer support team also develops workshops for partners, expecting to enable them to incline with new innovation. Go to week by week group phone calls to examine top issues, open cases and data sharing practices. being inventive and enthusiastic by giving arrangements utilizing the most recent Google advances. Finding out about new advances, items and instruments which can help you discover an answer for a particular client issue, develop workshops for clients and for associates, etc. 

The team at Finetech is also up-to date on market trends and competitor technology. This helps them to use their expertise and understanding of these systems to assess the right course of action to guarantee the customers a seamless transition.

Finetech understands the urgent technology challenges organizations face with incessantly changing tortuous business requirements. Orthodox ways of seeking solutions for these problems are no longer valid in the present day. Finetech believes that the Cloud is the next big wave in technology. Finetech’s purpose is to bring the best of cloud solutions to the customers helping with their businesses, to plan their growth for future, avoid barriers associated with bygone legacy infrastructure.


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