Life at Finetech - Episode 2 - Support Engineering

Transform item advancements into key customer arrangements. The foundation of Finetech prosperity, the record directors, specialists, administrators, and experts in these parts are altogether devoted to first rate customer support. 

In the case of consulting with 300 organizations around Sri Lanka and abroad, explaining specialized difficulties for independent companies, or surfacing item advertisements in simply the correct place, we grow new business openings while expanding the utilization of our item offerings.

Finetech Support Team , is playing an important role in the field of business.Lets hear about the experience of the Support Engineering team.

This is Chamathka Fernando , Renewal & Customer Support specialist at Finetech.

7 years of previous experience while achieving a Degree in Business management , HND in Human Resource Management  ( University of Dublin)  and HND in Marketing. She is also an Old Bridgateen with passion and well known for undertaking and consulting the existing client base of FINETCH CONSULTANCY.

lets hear about her experience.

Chamathka Fernando - Renewal & Customer Support Specialist  

" I am joining together with FINETECH for a year now. Within a year, myself and my team have been able to maintain a good relationship with massive businessmen, corporate representatives and a large group of people among many industries.

My opinion is that our client base is our foundation. Our sole aim is to provide accurate solutions to our team from time to time and to avoid any technical problems. It is also a matter of updating the agreements from year by year.But our support team have got the potential to solve any kind of technical issues with in 24 hours of period.

And making direct contacts with the officials from Google representing my country is a great privilege in life.

I never had a second thought of joining with google and move forward with the newest trends and technology." 

Why we are different ?

These are the main FIVE FACTORS we consider before delivering a top class service.

• Technical Expertise: Determine issue what's more, limited to a particular segment while dealing with the client's desires for determination. Apply skill to determine more than one issue at any given moment. Team up crosswise over groups and specialized item issues utilizing worldwide assets as expected to resolve client issues.

• Knowledge Sharing: Develop workshops for partners, expected to enable them to incline with new innovation. Go to week by week group phone calls to examine top issues, open cases and data sharing practices.

• Passion for Technology: Be inventive  what's more, enthusiastic by giving arrangements utilizing the most recent Google advances. Appreciate finding out about new advances, items and instruments which can help you discover an answer for a particular client issue.

• Proactive Services: Develop workshops for clients and for associates.

• Product Quality: Identify if client issue is caused by item deformity furthermore, if so influence the item to group mindful by recording a bug report or a plan change ask.

Lets find out what Srinath says about his life as a support engineer.

Srinath is the Head of Support Engineering and Google Certified (Google Cloud Platform Fundamental: Core infrastructure) Engineer in Finetech joined 3 years ago.Srinath has a  Diploma in Information Technology and now he is one of the Deployment Specialist at Finetech.

Ganeshan Srinath - Head of Customer Support

During the day I would work with 15-20 different customers either by phone or e-mail, looking for updates or providing steps in order to resolve their issues. Each days is a learning experience in which you are given the option to expand your skill-set.

Planning and conducting pocket sessions and admin training's for clients is one of my favorite thing to do. And also it is a good experience working with most of the top brands in the country and overseas. 

Finetech is the best place to start the career where you get to work with the brightest minds in the country on the cool products with the best benefits that anyone would dream, such as training in overseas and getting certified by Google. " 

When a company get the service from finetech, it's regularly not the finish of the story. It can be the start of a trip since help is much of the time some portion of the bundle.As a team we are bond to give an excellent after service for anything.

This is Nishanthan's opinion about his life @ Finetech..

Nishanthan joined finetech in 2016 and now playing a major role.Nishanthan is a degree holder in Computer Science and Software Engineering and a CCNA qualified.And also he is a Google certified engineer with a passion of exploring newest trends.

Micheal Nisthanthan Ashokumar - Support Engineer & Change Management

" Soon after i finished my higher studies i joined with Finetech as a support engineer . I think i have made the right choice.

A usual day begins by looking after the technical issues of our clients. That is the point at which the entire group accumulates and we check our workload, raise any item issues everybody should know about, and get criticism from the item groups on the most recent updates and bug fixing.

Sometimes you’ll find a problem that hasn’t been seen before, so there’s no reference to go back to. We assess how big the problem is and occasionally we need to involved.I call it self learning and experience.

Now im involve with implementing Data Studio with Gsuite and Google Cloud Platform.Im having a good experience being as a support engineer. Life is all about learning. " 

All things considered, having the capacity to settle a precarious specialized issue, working with other individuals to get to its base, is extremely fulfilling, especially when clients wind up just having great things to say in regards to the administration they've gotten.

This is Kesavan , Lets here about his life at finetech ,

Kesavan Thiruvomoli is a support engineer in Finetech joined a year ago.

Kesavan Thiruvamoli - Support Engineer ( Gsuite)

" I refer my current workplace to be a university, an organization which pays me good to learn and enhance my technical and analytical skills. It has trained me on Gsuite technologies, building and maintaining customer relationships, managing time, work, and personal life.

I work among the brightest minds having in-depth knowledge of business and technology. They are friendly and overwhelming people. "

Go Digital With Google - Hosted by Finetech @ Kingsubury Hotel , Colombo

Go Digital With Google - Hosted by Finetech @ Kingsubury Hotel , Colombo

Thats all folks . Will discover more about Business Anaylists , Marketing and Change Management @ Finetech from our next article.

Watch our previous article about our lives @ Finetech from here .

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