The handy feature in new Gmail Interface

Go Google, save your time & make your life easier….

In the previous gmail interface it was only in recipient’s bar, which gave the opportunity to roll in the names when you type the first letter of a recipient’s name. You may have noticed in Facebook, the usage of “@” sign to pick the names, one would wish to put in a comment or in a status, so just like that google has introduced this feature mainly to help the businesses out there.

In the email body itself you can get the names in less than 5 seconds by using “@” sign and then typing first one or two letters of the name you wish to mention. It will display like a link. And at the same time it will grab the name & put in the recipient’s bar, which you mentioned in the email body.

This feature saves time. Like in old days you don’t have to go finding the name or the email address or type whole lot of names you want to mention in the email, but remembering a part of the name will help you to proceed quickly.

Also when you click on a name in the email body, automatically it will open a new compose window with that name in the recipients bar. After all isn’t it a convenient way which saves your time in your busy schedule?


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