Making embedded Google Forms better

We’re making Google Forms look and work better when they’re embedded in websites created with Google Sites. These improvements will also mean Forms will work better embedded in websites not managed in Google Sites as well.

Our users embed forms in sites for all sorts of reasons, from collecting customer feedback to capturing new project ideas to gathering and sharing survey data and much more. User feedback told us how important it was that these embedded forms look and work great, especially when embedded in Google Sites.

So we’re making a range of improvements to make embedded forms more useful, including:

  • Improved looks, including a background that blends into the rest of the website 
  • Better suggested height and width when embedding a form on Google Sites 
  • More intelligent use of space in embedded forms 
  • More adaptive viewing on different devices (e.g. mobile vs. desktop) 
  • Easier to view & enter information into the embedded form 


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