Smart Compose in Gmail

This can be named as one of the most awaited features. Google has always been the leader in taking the initiation to making your lives easier. So now the Smart Compose has been released. The Gmail is now intelligent enough to autocomplete the sentences in your mail composing window. Using machine learning it is able to give you the most suitable suggestions. To accept the suggestion you can press “tab.” At the moment this is perfectly working for common phrases and in the near future it will be clever enough to understand your pattern and will give you the smartest phrases.

Once it picks up your flow it will start to work for you. Simply your device will work for you, composing of mails will be as easy as ABC. In company’s point of view, imagine the time it will save for you. You will have time to attend to other work and at the same time it will increase your productivity along with company productivity.

By default your smart compose is on, so there is nothing to be worried about.

Stay tuned for for more updates.
Relax and enjoy your Friday….


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