Yes you can convert phrases in pictures to text....

Another significant feature from Google where you can simply turn a picture with phrases into text format. This is possible in Google Docs & also in Google Keep. This makes your day to day work easier. If you are a working person you might come across loads of business cards, end of the year you will have tons of those. Where would you store all these? You might even lose some and end of the day you have lost some good business opportunities.

But we in Google have a solution for you. That is none other than “grab image text” feature. Rather than coming to the office with loads of business cards in your hand you can take a picture of it and bring the picture back to the office & update your database.

Not only in terms of business cards but also, let’s say you have a huge document in hard copy & you need to convert it to text format, what would you do? Type it by yourself or get someone else to type it? What a waste of time?

Now you can simply take a picture of it from your phone and upload it to keep feature & press “grab image text”

Ding….Your document is ready….

Also this is available in docs. Simply open the image from drive using doc.

If the image contains English content then it will convert to English text and if it’s a image with Sinhala content then it will convert to Sinhala text. Also just for your information, any text could be converted to any language you prefer by simply clicking on “translate document.”

Go Google, Google makes your life easier by 10x


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