Alert center for G Suite generally available to help identify Security Threats

We’re making the alert center for G Suite generally available. The alert center provides a single, comprehensive view of essential security-related notifications, alerts, and actions across G Suite. The alert center was previously available in beta and helps G Suite organizations detect threats and take action to mitigate them.

Alert center provides a unified view of essential notifications 

The alert center brings together alerts on some of the most critical security concerns including account warnings, gmail phishing and malware, and device management. These alerts cover a number of scenarios. 

Account warning alerts: These will cover seven different scenarios, ranging from suspended accounts triggered due to suspicious activities to alerts on government-backed attacks.

Gmail phishing and malware alerts:We leverage machine learning to identify threat indicators and uncover malware threats. We surface alerts for potentially malicious IP addresses, even if these are placed on your trusted whitelist. We’ll also show potential phishing events, including those messages that have been quarantined or delivered.

Device management alerts: We look the various device attributes to determine if user device has been jailbroken or rooted. These alerts are surfaced, along with other device management alerts on suspicious device activity.

Google operations alerts:The Google operations alert provides details about security and privacy issues that are affecting your organization's G Suite services.

Alerts link to specific information and remediation steps 

For every alert, we include dedicated knowledge articles to help admins learn about the alert type. Where relevant, we also have links that admins can use to take actions to help remediate the threat. Links to these resources are accessible from the alert detail page within the Admin console. They can help admins take action right away to shield users and remediate incidents.

Alert center builds on security center functionality 

The unified view that the alert center provides will help all G Suite admins manage alerts more efficiently, and provide insights that help them assess their organization's exposure to security issues at the domain and user levels.

In addition, G Suite Enterprise edition domains can use the G Suite security center for integrated remediation of issues surfaced by alerts. From every alert in the alert center, admins at G Suite Enterprise domains will have a dedicated link that will trigger a pre-configured query in the investigation tool. This helps these admins go from detection to remediation with just a few clicks.

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