Newest Addition to Google Docs - Vertical Ruler

This is mainly to help you manipulate tables and control the margins in headers and footers.

When you’re using a table, you’ll see your table structure highlighted in a vertical ruler on the left side of the screen. The vertical ruler matches the horizontal ruler, which already exists and is a popular way to control cell width and margins.

You can use the ruler to change the height of rows in the table. When you do so, you’ll see a guide telling you the specific height of the row so you can quickly format it to the specific size you want. You can also use it to control the vertical margins in headers and footers

Recently included new controls which let you indicate the size of the margins in your header and footer. You can control the margins utilizing the vertical ruler include featured above or by utilizing the interface presented underneath. By controlling this spacing, you can ensure your document is changed similarly as you need it.

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