Advanced Password Controls for Increased Security

With regard to securing web accounts, a strong password is the main line of guard. In that capacity, associations have different stipulations for their users' passwords. G Suite administrators  can determine least and most extreme length limits for passwords for their users. With this launch, it is conceivable to enforce additional rigorous password for expanded security and to meet their consistence needs.

What administrators can do :

  • By looking at the passwords which are weak in the domain, they can force the users to change their passwords to strong ones.

  • Also they can impose on them to use lengthy passwords in their next login (that’s default)

  • Also admins can set expiration limits, so that the users are prompted  to change the password after certain number of days

  • Can block users from using old passwords by keeping the “Allow password reuse” box unchecked

These settings can be found in the Admin Console - Security - password Management

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