Easily insert images in cells in Google Sheets

Presently an image is inserted to a sheet using Image function & it’s also placed on cells. But now you can place the image either on a particular cell or over few cells.


  • Adding receipts to expense-tracking spreadsheets
  • Adding icons to icon libraries
  • Adding logos to better brand your resources
  • Adding product images to inventory lists, and more

How to use on mobile

  • Tap once on a cell to select
  • Tap again to bring up menu: Insert > Tap the “+” at the top of the screen > Image > Image in cell
  • Select an image from the options presented to you

You can have various cells containing a picture in a Sheet, however note that just a single picture for each cell is conceivable right now.

Images inside cells will be associated with a row and move along with the data—so, if you move rows, filter or sort them, the images will move with the content in the row, unlike previously when images would sit on top of the grid.

Using the formatting and alignment tools, you can pin the image to a specific corner of the cell or set the alignment how you’d like. By default, images will align to the bottom left corner of the cell.


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