Use Vault for Gmail Confidential Messages and Jamboard Files

Google vault will be supporting two new formats in the future, Gmail confidential mode emails & Jamboard files stored in Google Drive.

Google Vault gives you a chance to retain, hold, search, and export data to support your organization’s retention and eDiscovery needs. This dispatch includes support for new information types with the goal that you can thoroughly oversee your association's information.

What happens when individuals in your association sends confidential messages?
Vault can hold, retain, search, and export all confidential mode messages sent by users in your association. Messages are constantly accessible to Vault, notwithstanding when the sender sets a termination date or denies access to private messages.

Here’s an example of what will see in Vault when they search for and preview this email sent by

But It’ll not work vise versa. Admins can hold, retain, search and export message headers and subjects of external confidential messages. You can't search or export message content or attachments from external confidential messages.

Jamboard files which are manageable, with this update,

  • Retain Jamboard data through Vault with the same retention rules that you set for Google Drive. All your retention rules set for Drive will automatically apply to jams in Drive.
  • Preserve Jamboard data through Drive holds.
  • Search for Jamboard data in Vault, alongside other Drive files, or only search Jamboard files with the “type:jam” search operator. You can also preview jams and export them.


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