Android phone’s built-in security key now generally available

We’re adding an option to use your Android phone’s built-in security key for multi-factor authentication in G Suite. All phones running Android 7.0+ (Nougat) have a built-in key which can be activated. This implies your users can utilize existing phones for multifaceted verification in G Suite to ensure against phishing.

2-Step Verification significantly improves the security of your account by adding another layer to your account security and making it progressively impervious to phishing attacks. By adding the additional option of using your Android phone’s built-in security key, we’re expanding access to phishing-resistant 2-Step Verification method in a convenient form - your phone. This can make it faster for you to implement 2-Step Verification in your organization while keeping user training and overall costs to a minimum.

Additional Details
  • Available to G Suite, Cloud Identity, GCP customers, and personal Google Accounts.
  • Available on phones running Android 7.0+ (Nougat) with Google Play Services.
  • Compatible with Bluetooth-enabled Chrome OS, macOS X, or Windows 10 devices with a Chrome browser.


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