New features for Slides Present mode

Now you’re hassle free when presenting your presentation. 

  • Resize speaker notes and slide thumbnails in the presenter view 
  • Navigate to any specific slide with a keyboard shortcut 
  • Control video playback with keyboard shortcuts 
  • View all available Present mode keyboard shortcuts by clicking the new “tips” button in the presentation control bar. 
On a little screen, it's occasionally hard to see your forthcoming slides and read your speaker notes. Presently, you can without much of a stretch resize these segments and present properly, paying little heed to the gadget you're using.
Also, our new keyboard shortcuts make moving through slides while presenting easy. Regardless of whether you have to rapidly stop a video to respond to a question, or hop to a particular slide to return to talking point, you can now rapidly explore and control the introduction with your keyboard.
How to use:
  • To resize speaker notes, in the toolbar select Present > Presenter View and drag the separator line between the slide preview and speaker notes accordingly. 
  • To view a list of new keyboard shortcuts press Present > Tips


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