View the edit history of a cell in Sheets

A most wanted feature, where you can see the edit history, including when it was made, by whom & can see the previous value as well. This act as an important role when you want to know who has made the changes & by what value etc.

Also it gives you a specific idea why the changes are made. This comes to play when there are a lot of colleagues. This gives a better understanding because it allows you to check and edit history cell by cell, not version wise by opening version history.

Right click on a cell and then click “show edit history” in the drop down menu.
What it shows?

  • The user who made the change
  • Previous value & present value 
  • Time stamp of the change
  • Arrows to toggle between the past changes

This is option is only for those who have edit access.

Please note that the below changes may not appear in the edit history:
  • Added or deleted rows and columns
  • Changes to the cell’s format 
  • Changes made by formulas 


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