Why should you choose G-Suite?

  • G Suite represents a bold transformation and sends a message to employees. 
By partnering with Google, organizations signaled to their employees, and to the market, that they are taking strides to innovate and modernize their businesses. An IT director in the CPG industry told Forrester: “Google’s name is synonymous with innovation. It sends a message to our employees that we’re serious about changing the way we do business.”

  • G Suite is a cloud-native solution. 

Organizations cited some of the advantages of a cloud-native solution in their decisions to move to G Suite. These included not adding additional on-premises infrastructure and to remove some where possible; the increased security from storing data in the cloud, rather than housing all data in the same place; and the ability for employees to access company data, applications, and other resources from anywhere on any device. An IT director in the electronics manufacturing industry said, “Cloud is the future, and G Suite is the most comprehensive suite of collaborative cloud tools.”

  • G Suite has built-in security. 

Organizations recognized the increased need and pressure to secure company data, as well as the data of their customers and partners. G Suite’s built-in security features (such as advanced anti-phishing, security center, mobile management, etc.) give admins simpler, more streamlined ways to manage users, control devices, ensure compliance, and keep data secure. All of these features are included with G Suite at no additional cost, allowing organizations to sunset redundant third-party services. An SVP of technology in the automotive services industry stated: “G Suite is built from the ground up around security. That’s something we really like about Google.”

Let’s see what the leading companies have to say about going with G-Suite.
“We’ve improved productivity for our IT team. They use that extra time to work on tools that improve productivity for our organization. Our productivity
improvements are compounding.”

-IT Director, CPG industry-

“We needed to fundamentally change in order to survive. A lightbulb went off with G Suite being that lightning rod for our team members to start to see — we’re serious about transforming as an organization, and this is how we’ll survive in the financial services space going forward.”

-SVP of technology, financial services industry-


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