See when someone is out of office in Gmail and Hangouts Chat

This update is helpful when you want to have a chat or email someone. This will show whether a person is available or not. When a particular person put “out of office” status this will be shown in the chat & as well as in gmail. Not only that in addition to showing their availability, this will say when this person would be available in gmail & in hangouts the same will appear. 

As the email receiver this could help you in many ways. One is that people will not bother you with their urgent email clarifications & on the other hand you can have the maximum amount of your time while you are away from your work.

By seeing the “out of office” banner you know that you’re not gonna get a quick response as the receiver is out of office. Also at the same time you can allocate meetings & other things accordingly since this banner shows you the date the receiver is coming back to the office. So no miscommunications between anyone. What a great way to manage official work. After All you can expect these types of beneficial factors from our very own GOOGLE only.

This is will be ON by default. If you want to stop this service, simply do so in Calendar under Calendar settings > Access permissions. Just deselect “Show calendar info in other Google apps, limited by access permissions.”


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