Set profile picture for Gmail and all Google apps

Here’s the option where you can use your Gmail profile picture for other GSuite products as well. At the moment it is only visible in Gmail which means your profile picture in Gmail may be different than your Google account profile photo. So it’s a hassle to identify which picture will be displayed where. Now you are able to setup a profile picture in one place and then use it for other products as well. 

If the Gmail and profile pictures are different you can simply edit by going to settings & then in the drop down in about me section. You can either select one of the pictures or setup an entirely new one.

This allows admins who have disabled photo editability in their domain greater control, as users can no longer change their Gmail picture independently of their Google profile picture. 

Also the users who do not visit their "About me" settings will not be prompted to select a single profile picture and will continue to have different profile pictures.


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