Help your team get more out of G Suite with four new resources

Four new ways to learn how to use G-Suite & to face the newest technologies.

  • The G Suite Welcome Center: The Welcome Center offers resources and a roadmap for users to get to know G Suite. This Center contains details on the Learning Center, help guides for each app, switching guides, our new Sheets Coursera course, and more.

  • The Hangouts Meet Starter Kit: The Kit helps drive change and encourage staff to migrate to Hangouts Meet. It includes:

  • Customizable email templates that admins can send to users about how to use Meet.

  • Tip sheets with adoption best practices, change management resources, and IT Admin Q&A to help manage the transition.

  • Printable posters and meeting room cards to drive Meet awareness and show your team how to use it.

  • G Suite for Power Users: This page contains resources specifically curated for advanced users so they can get even more out of G Suite.

  • G Suite Hack for power users: This training has five challenge tasks employees can complete at their own pace, giving them a fun way to learn about G Suite.

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