Use the Google Assistant with your G Suite account in beta

Google Assistant has some new features for our customers. These will be available when you log in with a G-Suite account.

Google Assistant will respond to certain Google Calendar & Gmail functions and also,

  • Let you know when your next meeting is
  • Create, cancel or reschedule a Calendar event
  • Send a note to event attendees via email
  • Send an email
  • Dial into a meeting

Why do you use it?
It helps you to manage your work, schedule events in your hectic life.

How it works?
To utilize this feature in the Google Assistant, you should be signed in to your G Suite account. Furthermore, on the off chance that you have both an individual and a G Suite account, kindly note that the Assistant can just respond to one account at a time. You should switch between those accounts if you wish to pose an inquiry about your other account.

These features will be off by default.


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