Use phones as security keys in the Advanced Protection Program

This allows you to use your mobile phone as a security key with regard to the Advanced Protection Program. You can use the built-in security key in Android or iOS device for 2 step verification. which makes it easier and quicker to protect high-risk users with our strongest account security settings. 

This has several policies which can help the customers who are open to strikes. With regard to this feature people will find it easy to secure their data. 

  • Simpler enrolment - Users can sign up quickly using devices they already have 
  • Intuitive user experience - Users are familiar with the phone interface, and often already carry phones with them. 
  • Lower costs - This reduces the need to purchase security keys

Targeted attacks describe sophisticated, low volume handcrafted attacks that are often carried out by highly motivated professional or government backed groups. Employees at risk of targeted attacks that may benefit from the program include, for example, IT admins, executives, and employees in regulated industries such as finance or government.
The individual policies currently included in the Advanced Protection Program are also available to G Suite admins and users outside of the program. However, the Advanced Protection Program for the enterprise offers an easy-to-use bundle of our strongest account security settings.


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