Modern analytics made easy with new Redshift, S3 migration tools

Editor's note: This blog takes a closer look at some of the recently announced BigQuery product innovations and deepened partnerships that are helping enterprises fast-track their migration to BigQuery.
In the past 40 years, the data warehouse has gone through many transformations, driven by business needs and fueled by technological advancements. Data warehouses have transformed from operational reporting and ad-hoc reporting to today’s real-time, predictive analytics. But growing advanced analytics needs, and the need for reduced operational expenses, mean these legacy data warehouses are no longer a long-term solution. We hear from customers around the globe that they’re migrating to Google Cloud to overcome their IT hurdles and quickly modernize their analytics strategy.
Organizations are unlocking faster, actionable insights by migrating to BigQuery, Google’s cloud-native, enterprise data warehouse. We’re also streamlining customer migrations to BigQuery with the recently announced general availability of our Redshift and S3 migration tools.
Financial services company KeyBank is taking advantage of these tools. “We are modernizing our data analytics strategy by migrating from an on-premises data warehouse to Google's cloud-native data warehouse, BigQuery,” says Michael Onders, chief data officer at KeyBank. “This transformation will help us scale our compute and storage needs seamlessly and lower our overall total cost of ownership. Google Cloud's smart analytics platform will give us access to a broad ecosystem of data transformation tools and advanced machine learning tools so that we can easily generate predictive insights and unlock new findings from our data." 
With the recently announced general availability of the Redshift to BigQuery and S3 to BigQuery migration services, you can now easily move data from these legacy environments right into BigQuery. Redshift and S3 migration services join the Teradata service that’s already available. VPC support is included in the Redshift migration service. In addition, general availability of the DTS-based S3 Loader allows you to move data from S3 seamlessly to Google Cloud.  

Better together with partners

At Google Cloud, we are also collaborating with tech partners to expedite data warehouse migrations. Our tech partners can help you migrate without having to rewrite queries. You can find the partner that’s right for your migration and decide whether to convert incoming requests into BigQuery dialect on the fly or just once. 
In addition to these tech partners, we have partnered with system integrators that have supported many customers in their migration journeys. Close ties and deep investments in our partner ecosystem have helped us deliver the foundational support needed for organizations to fast-track their migration journeys. Wipro, Infosys, Accenture, and other system integrators have built end-to-end migration programs. 
We’ve built three main pillars in our system integrator partnerships:  
  1. Strategic alignment: Our systems integrators have dedicated teams committed to define and execute against a joint business plan with Google Cloud. 
  2. Expertise: Global system integrators (GSIs) have built dedicated Google Cloud practices with Centers of Excellence around data and analytics with certified Google Cloud resources, and expertise in building accelerators for Google Cloud-native solution architectures across many use cases. Examples include the Accenture Data Studio for Google Cloud, Infosys Migration Workbench (MWB), Wipro’s GCP Data and Insights Migration Studio, and other accelerators across our GSI ecosystem. Each of them brings unique strengths and capabilities and the ability to deliver globally.
  3. Delivery: GSI partner solutions are validated for alignment with our solution plays and technology partners we recommend. 
We’ve heard from one of our key systems integrators, Wipro Limited, about their clients’ use of Google Cloud to simplify data warehouse migrations and get started easily with advanced analytics and other features.
“Wipro partners with its clients to transform them into intelligent enterprises,” says Jayant Prabhu, Vice President and Global Head, Data, Analytics and AI. “BigQuery enables our customers to jump-start their modern analytics journey while lowering their total cost of ownership (TCO). BigQuery’s ability to scale seamlessly and simplify machine learning allows us to implement new intelligent analytics solutions for smarter decision making. Furthermore, these benefits come with zero operational overhead, thus helping us focus on making enterprises intelligent.”
Our continued investment in capabilities that help streamline data warehouse migrations to BigQuery is helping enterprises quickly unlock IT innovation. 


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