Google’s New Tab Groups Reinvigorate Chrome Browser

Google has introduced another superb reason for its users to stay closer with Google Products. In the new rollout (Chrome 81) has thrown out a major change which is known as “Tab Group”. 

So this major roll out helps you to manage all your tabs opened at a particular time. 

Simple as one, two , three
  • Right click/double-tap on any tab
  • Select ‘Add to new group’
  • Drag associated tabs into that group

There are plenty of customisation choices available from here. Click on the group header (default using a colored dot) to configure the group name (tip: keep it brief to prevent wasting precious tab space), adjust the group colour, ungroup tabs or close all link tabs. You may also right-click on every tab after you build the first category to ungroup it or transfer it to either of the current groupings.

As with all the greatest ideas, Tab Groups is incredibly easy and can transform the way you use Chrome. Notably, you would no longer need to have individual browser windows open for specific tasks, because each project is well identified, they will all coexist in a single window. That alone saves you 100s of wasteful clicks every day.

Chrome 81 now rolls out for Windows, Mac and Linux. If you don't see Tab Groups for some purpose after upgrading (Help > About), you may allow them manually by using this flag in the Chrome address bar: chrome:/flags/#tab-groups


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