How Google is helping public sector agencies and educational institutions

Supporting government efforts to fight COVID-19

Due to this pandemic situation, Google has come up with a technical solution and is working with government organizations around the world on projects such as developing an Artificial Intelligence chatbots to help agencies which are overtasked ro respond more quickly to citizen requests; strengthening government websites that get critical information to the public with free content delivery network (CDN) and load-balancing services; and providing services and tools to track the spread of Covid - 19 virus.
In the U.S., Google is working with the White House and other supporting institutions to develop new text and data processing techniques to look at the COVID-19 Open Research Dataset (CORD-19), the foremost extensive machine-readable coronavirus literature collection so far .

How Google Cloud helps other organizations Supporting researchers, hospitals, and more

Healthcare is the most influential  industry during the pandemic, and technology are often a critical tool to assist . Google is providing solutions for the health research supporting institutions to spot new therapies and treatments; and help hospital systems with providing telemedicine and remote-patient monitoring solutions with the use of latest technologies.
In health research institutions, Google is making several COVID-19 public datasets free to query like Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering COVID-19 data, These data is used by all research facilities to fight this pandemic in all over the world. Meanwhile Google is also providing $20 million in Google Cloud credits to health institutions and research communities as they study possible therapies and vaccines, track critical data, and identify new ways to combat the pandemic virus COVID-19. 

Few Weeks back, Google joined the COVID-19 Healthcare Coalition, a group of technical teams, healthcare providers and research organizations that have come together to share resources in order to fight the virus. As part of the coalition, google is helping to build a data exchange that only allows coalition members and the members should  safely and securely share and analyze data—eventually authorizing most of the world’s top researchers with the required data to work together.

Google also supports hospitals in several ways. In Asia, Since the COVID-19 outbreak, more people are turning to Doctors working from home using  telemedicine services, and choosing video consultations with locally-registered doctors and drugs delivered to their doorstep. Doctors are using mobile apps to consult their patients and according to the report, the traffic has increased upto 70% on the telehealth applications since the Covid -19 pandemic. 


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