Migrating MicroSoft SQL Server to Google Cloud

Migration Opportunities

Are you looking for an approach to build your business value by using Google Cloud Platform? As Google Cloud Platform premier partners, we have a team of certified Google Cloud developers who can help you plan, design and implement the migration process to fully get up to speed with GCP. We have customers over the years who have good  reasons for migrating to Google Cloud. Finetech is the leading Google Partner in Sri lanka, providing the best in database, application and infrastructure migration to the cloud.  Our team has done many  successful “lift and shift” and digitization projects with customers across all industries.Take  advantage of a reliable and flexible infrastructure by moving your workloads to GCP and in the meantime you can get  the whole set of cloud services to manage your data securely and build scalable applications. 

Key Benefits of Migrating to GCP 

Google cloud reduces the dependency on migration so that you can take advantage of managed database service that provides high availability, updates, and replication, so you can focus on business value. GCP includes better pricing than the competitors and also it is enormously fast in data transferring. As everyone knows “the later” is the courtesy of google ,since they always target for long term business and as an outcome google came up with a fiber network and everyone started using it ,even the competitors and that is GCP’s backbone. The Industry leading VM performance of Google cloud speeds up Windows boot times dramatically and  databases run on Google’s global fiber network. The result is ultra low latency for your applications. Google Develops their own database services to meet the enterprise needs whenever they are in their cloud journey. 

Highlights of Cloud SQL for SQL Server

Some key benefits of Cloud SQL for SQL Server that can help you run workloads easily. 

  • Compatibility: multiple editions of the current version of SQL Server are offered by Cloud SQL for SQL Server and works with popular clients such as SQL Server Management Studio.
  • Flexible backups: backup can be scheduled automatically on a daily basis.
  • Scalability: automatic storage increase configuration  can be enabled and Cloud SQL will add storage capacity when the limit is exceeded. Customized Machine memory and processor cores can be scaled easily and as necessary.
  • Built-in high availability: Cloud SQL for SQL Server has built-in high availability enabled for all editions that synchronously replicates data to each zone’s regional persistent disk.


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